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Men's Tungsten Carbide Rings

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What is Tungsten Carbide?

It is a mixture of tungsten and carbon alloy which transforms the metal to one of the world's strongest bond, with a hardness rating of 8.5 and 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Tungsten alone is a very hard and dense metal and has the highest melting point of all metals at 6100 degrees, but is still vulnerable to scratches and damages like other precious metals.

We use it in our wedding bands due to the fact it is four times harder than titanium, double the strength of steel, and virtually scratch proof, which customers love as the biggest complaint about rings and bracelets of lesser composition is that they are easily scratched.

Choosing Your Wedding Band

As with any purchase you would make it is necessary to ask a jeweler which metal was used in making your wedding ring. Many tungsten ring manufacturers would use cobalt as a binding material to save money as it is a much cheaper manufacturing process.

The problem with using cobalt is that the cobalt will bond to oils in your skin and leeches out the wedding ring thereby causing the ring to oxidize. Oxidation of a wedding band looks like the tarnish of silver jewelry. At TitaniumKay we create our tungsten wedding rings only with nickel binder which makes them chemically inert, do not oxidize, and hypoallergenic. Many bricks and mortar jewelry stores will not know what the composition of the jewelry they are selling. If they do not know then more often than not the rings and bracelets will scratch and become worn over time.

Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide, wedding bands created from this combination will not wear or become heavily scratched from daily wear. When you are ready to make your selection and buy your jewelry be sure to take extra pre-caution in determining proper size as these rings are not able to be sized unlike gold and silver. Another consideration is engraving on these rings will not show well unless laser machine is used in the process.

Quick facts about our tungsten rings

  • Virtually scratch proof
  • Will not bend or change shape
  • Do not contain any cobalt in the alloy
  • Made with nickel as binder
  • Covered by our lifetime warranty against scratches and breakage
  • Can be removed by medical professionals in case of an emergency
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for any skin type

Can I wear your tungsten ring if I am allergic to nickel?

YES. Our tungsten carbide jewelry is hypopallergenic and safe to wear. It will not cause irritation reaction or rashes on any skin type.

Do you engrave your rings?

YES, We offer laser engraving service for all our rings. Please see the details for our text engraving service and fingerprint engraving service.

Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 6886 reviews.  
Classic Ring
REGAL 6MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
Better than I expected, looks gorgeous, and got to my house in 2 days. Highly recommended and great experience.
David H., Lenexa, KS - 10/18/2017

2nd Purchase
Tungsten Carbide 3MM Plain Dome Wedding Band
This is my second purchase from TitaniumKay and I am just as pleased with this one as I was the first one. My first purchase I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the ring. My husband has been wearing that ring for 6 years now and it still looks amazing!! We had to purchased meself a new ring (because we did not go through TitaniumKay the first time (-:) and when ainteceived it I was not surprised that it was just as great as my husbands was. I would definitely recommend TitaniumKay to anyone looking for great quality and an Amazing price!!
La-La, Alabama - 10/4/2017

Excellent and affordable
RASORET Tungsten Carbide Ring in Comfort Fit and Satin Finish
Not only was the ring I ordered 100% perfect but it's identical to the one I was replacing, and at a much more reasonably priced without sacrificing quality!!! Ordering was easy, the shipping and delivery was prompt, and I will continue to order here from now on!
Jill Gaudry, Hinesville, GA, USA - 9/30/2017

Tungsten Carbide Black Lava Riverstone Inlay Wedding Band Ring
The ring is just beautiful! Great quality and color
Ss, Colorado - 9/13/2017