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For fingerprint engraving service purchased with rings, the item will NOT be engraved in the first shipment. The first shipment will contain the unengraved item, a return label and a service agreement. After you receive the first shipment, try the ring on to confirm the size and then send the item back with the included return label (US customers only).

To obtain a fingerprint, you may buy an ink stamp and do fingerprinting yourself at home on a white paper. Please submit a scan of your fingerprint in JPG format similar to the sample below.

Please make at least several prints and choose the best one that has the clearest with most continuous fingerprint lines.

After the order is placed, you will be assigned an order confirmation number, send the image file to as an attachment with subject line "Image file for laser engraving order XXXXXXXXX" and fill in your order confirmation number.

The fingerprint image will be processed to create a cropped version of the original to fit on the jewelry.

We will use a laser machine to engrave the cropped fingerprint image to your jewelry.

Fingerprint Laser Engraving Service

Style #: P104477 $80.00
To purchase this service, please choose the position of the engraving using the dropdown menu, then click "Buy Now" button.

Rating: 5 / 5 , based on 3 reviews.  
Nice Fingerprint Engraving
Used previous reviewer's tip of using pencil and tape to get a fingerprint and it worked great. Got my ring back very quickly. The fingerprint engraving on the inside of the ring was done very well. Wonderful way to turn a special ring into truly one of a kind.
Sharon, - 8/19/2013

Great Quality
I had my ring engraved with my fiance's fingerprint. The service and quality were GREAT! Had the ring back within 7 days. I would recommend them to anyone.
Seth Paladin, - 8/12/2013

This device is what made me choose titanium Kay! The ring with the print is amazing! For those of you struggling to get a good print: I tried hundreds of times to get the ink print clear enough to use, and had a terrible time. The best way that i found to get a clear, usable print is to take a pencil and scribble a dark spot on a paper. Then rub the finger you want to use all over that spot. Take a piece of clear tape and stick it to that finger. When you peal the tape off you can stick it to a clean sheet of paper and your print (with each swirl and line) will show clearly! Stacy
Stacy, Ohio - 5/29/2013