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Customers tell it best

We strive to provide the best customer service to our customers. If you have any problems with our products or service, you are encouraged to contact us directly through Contact Us page instead of communicating through testimonials.
Daughters LIKE
Light Blue Anodized Titanium Huggie Earrings
I have three daughters and they all like their rings from Titanium Kay. Fast shipping and good quality.
Malogos, Utah - 9/6/2021

Great Customer Service
Titanium 2.5MM Rope Necklace Chain
USPS lost package and they sent me a replacement chain. Very responsive
E, - 9/4/2021

Great Craftmanship
Titanium Men's 10MM Marina Link Necklace Chain
Good quality build jewelry with sturdy feel and weight to necklace. Brilliant shine that barely needs cleaning.
Milton S, Warner Robins, GA - 7/28/2021

Great quality
CLASSICAL Tungsten Carbide Men's Plain Dome Wedding Band
Second time I have bought this ring for my husband, and does not disappoint! Recommend this company to everyone I know looking for tungsten rings!
Joy, - 7/7/2021

Awesome chain
Tungsten Carbide 10MM Marina Link Necklace Chain
This chain is very heavy, attractive and very well made! I will be buying more jewelry from titaniumkay and will highly recommend their products!
Randy Ortagus, Florida - 6/19/2021

Beautiful and Well made
Stainless Steel Black Plated Men's Large Box Link Bracelet
Just in love with my new bracket, it definitely has weight to it, the color is totally different, so use to wearing silver, definitely will recommend to my friends and will purchase another one another one day . Thanx
Blackhawk, Florida - 5/23/2021

Great Ring
LONDO Titanium 6mm Satin Finish Wedding Band Ring
This ring is exactly as pictured, super light and looks great!
Matt, South Carolina - 5/23/2021

Black Tungsten Carbide 10MM Marina Link Necklace Chain
I waited was anticipation after my order and was not let down. The chain exceeded all expectations. I do confess that I did not realise how heavy it would be but surprisingly, having worm it now 24/7 for the last several days, i no longer notice it. I suppose the best praise I can offer is that I am so impressed with the whole experience I have already ordered again and await my second large chain. Well done - customer service and delivery times are beyond compare.
Wolfey, South Australia - 5/16/2021

Perfect Chain
Titanium 4MM Oval Link Necklace Chain
Perfect chain for my son, super light but strong and clean, looks great!
Matt, South Carolina - 5/9/2021

Awesome ring
SPARTAN Titanium 9mm Men's Band Ring
Ring looks amazing; good width, masculine looking, and brushed finish matches my brushed finish necklace well. I have large fingers. Therefore, 6mm bands and such look silly on me. I prefer 8mm to 10mm bands; not bulky but fit right with larger fingers and hands.
Phillip, Houston, TX, US - 5/6/2021

Amazing work
Titanium 7MM Box Link Necklace Chain
Amazing necklace and customer service. I wanted this necklace in a brushed look instead of polished. Mark in customer service was very helpful in instructing me how to get the necklace the way I wanted it and insuring it shipped in a timely manner. Titanium Kay has impressed me with every purchase.
Phillip, Houston, TX, US - 5/6/2021

Wedding ring
Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Wedding Band Ring
Had to replace band,luckily got same as original. Love this ring because I actually always wear it and it is pretty much scratch proff. Have other friends with gold and titanium rings and they are all scratched up.My old ring I wouldn't remember to take off until it was shaving metal off the car as I'm turning wrenches...never scratched
STH, STL - 4/12/2021

Titanium 2MM Round Curb Necklace Chain
I don't know, it has not arrived yet.
Leanne , Sydney, Australia - 3/15/2021

Perfect performing
Fingerprint Laser Engraving Service
Perfect copy to my child fingerprint to have alwais with me,engraved on a titanium dogtag! Thank you Titanium Kay for this unique item !
Vlad, Sweden - 3/3/2021

Flawlless chain
Titanium 4MM Box Link Necklace Chain
Great 18 inch chain for my child
Vlad, Sweden - 3/3/2021

The fifth order
Titanium Engravable Dog Tag Pendant w/ Bead Chain
like before perfect crafting and stelar customservice !!!
Vlad, Sweden - 3/3/2021

Really nice chain!
Black Tungsten Carbide 7MM Marina Link Necklace Chain
It's a great chain. Exceptional craftsmanship, clasp and all. The tungsten carbide is quite beautiful. I'm really pleased. Worth every bit.
j stevens, millville, ma - 2/28/2021

Luv this necklace
Stainless Steel Men's Large Box Link Necklace Chain
I really luv this necklace . I enjoyed opening the box and seeing what was inside was like having a early birthday !!!
Tony, Fort Worth Texas - 2/25/2021

Fantastic, High Quality Chain
Titanium 2MM Round Curb Necklace Chain
Thank you for this really high quality and lovely chain. This chain holds my wedding ring and the memory of my deceased unborn child. They are immensely important to me and I am glad that I can trust this chain to last for something holding on to my most precious items. Thank You.
Ymir, - 2/22/2021

Love this necklace
Titanium Men's 10MM Link Necklace Chain
I really love this necklace, and it’s so strong !
Antonio Walker, Fort Worth Texas - 2/18/2021