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Tungsten Diamond Rings

(Total items: 69)
(Total items: 69)

Diamond rings are not only a women's best friend but also a mans. Our tungsten diamond rings have natural, authentic, non-treated high quality diamonds in secure bezel settings. Our wedding bands are covered by our lifetime warranty which you will not get with other jewelry stores online or offline. All diamonds we use are conflict free. Black diamonds has become more and more popular on mens rings and we are one of the very few jewelers to offer genuine black diamonds on our rings.

Tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals on the planet and as such are not going to bend out of shape under the most extreme pressure of work and play. Where mens wedding bands of gold and silver will bend out of shape and even crush under pressure, these rings will be safe and worry free.

Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 232 reviews.  
Wedding ring
Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Wedding Band Ring
Had to replace band,luckily got same as original. Love this ring because I actually always wear it and it is pretty much scratch proff. Have other friends with gold and titanium rings and they are all scratched up.My old ring I wouldn't remember to take off until it was shaving metal off the car as I'm turning wrenches...never scratched
STH, STL - 4/12/2021

Tungsten Carbide 8MM Flat Sapphire Men's Wedding Band Ring w/ Brush Center
The ring looks lighter in color and the polished bands look thicker in the online photo. In reality, The brushed center is more brownish/grayish and the polished bands encircling it are barely visible. I know that it’s hard to create the perfect representation on a computer screen, that’s just the chance you take. The company was great to do business with, a very smooth and efficient transaction.
GettingMarried, - 1/25/2021

Great quality!
Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ribbed Wedding Band Ring
My husband loved the ring this is the second one I've ordered the quality and detail in this ring are beautiful!
Stacey , - 9/15/2020

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Wedding Band Ring w/ Grooves 8mm
Great customer service and perfect ring!
Mattie , Florida - 5/4/2020