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Tungsten Inlay Rings

(Total items: 35)

Tungsten inlay rings are a spectacular way to bring a little more uniqueness and style to a wedding band with superior strength and durability. Our tungsten carbide rings, which are very strong and durable, are inlayed with various styling enhancements to make your ring an intimate expression of your unique sense of style and design.

Besides gold and silver, we use many different types of natural materials on our rings to achieve the ultimate uniqueness. The patterns and color variations on riverstone and metaphoric stone of each ring are different. No two rings are exactly the same.

(Total items: 35)
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 1260 reviews.  
Aces all around
Tungsten Carbide Golden Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band Ring
This is the second ring from Titanium Kay. I like the ring ( I miss my Unikite one) but my wife picked this one. The customer service is absolutely fantastic. And shipping eas super fast. I received my ring in less than two days. This is a great company.
Mike Samu, California - 1/25/2023

Great Ring, Wonderful Customer Service
TUSCANO  6MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Rose Gold Inlay Wedding Band
I have returned to Titanium Kay for a second ring after 15 years. They did not disappoint. The Tuscano ring is beautiful and the rose gold inlay matches my wife's rings. Mark, at Titanium Kay, helped with exchanges to find the right size in a friendly and efficient manner. I recommend T.Kay to anyone, and will return again!
HB, Colorado, USA - 8/2/2022

PANTERE 8MM Tungsten Carbide 14K White Gold Inlay Wedding Band
We really like the style and the look of the ring. The Kay company shipped the ring flawlessly.
Newlyweds , MINNESOTA - 1/30/2022

Tungsten Carbide Blue Ceramic Inlay Wedding Band Ring w/ Horizontal Satin Finish
This ring is the most unbeilable, most beautiful ring we have ever seen! Pictures can only do so much. To see this gorgeous piece of fine art in person is breathtaking! Nice job on this ring!
Dave R, Reno - 9/5/2020