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Men's Titanium Bracelets

(Total items: 29)
(Total items: 29)

Titanium gained fame from its use in aerospace applications. Since titanium was introduced to jewelry design a few decades ago, its use has increased tremendously, keeping pace with popular demand, prompting many jewelers to expand their mens jewelry lines to include this wonderful inert metal. Not only is the versatility of this metal creating a stir in jewelry manufacturing, the craftsmen who work with titanium are also impressed by the purity of the metal itself, neither gold or platinum can match titanium.

The industry has welcomed this new trend, developing wonderful techniques to facilitate creative jewelry design of titanium and tungsten bracelets, rings and watches, full of all the style that every man wants plus the ruggedness that they need for their active lives-there is no need to pamper this jewelry, it is virtually maintenance free and 100% hypoallergenic as well. Today, you will find more jewelry designers using titanium more often in their work, catering to the men who appreciate this metals luster that is giving platinum some real competition due to its affordable price.

Rating: 4.7 / 5 , based on 110 reviews.  
Nice braclet, but cheap clasp
Italian Cut Men's Titanium 10MM Curb Link Bracelet
I really like the design, color and cut of the braclet. However, I can confirm that the clasp is made very cheaply. It doesn't close tightly at all and any slight bump will knock it loose. And since i have no interest in paying $100 for something that i will eventually lose, I hardly wear it. This is very disappointing since the necklace clasp works perfectly. Hopefully its just a bad clasp and not the norm
Steve, Chicago - 5/5/2017

Love it
Titanium 6MM Rolo Link Bracelet
Love their Ti jewelry. So light and silky smooth. Ugly don't even know you have it on.
Renee Angel, Washington - 3/20/2017

Great Bracelet
Titanium Men's Two Tone Bracelet
Great looking and good size bracelet.
Richelle, CT US - 9/11/2015

Titanium Silver Inlay Men's Bracelet w/ Cross Designs
Very nice, good quality, fast delivery
Kylie, London - 5/29/2015