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Titanium Earrings

(Total items: 11)
(Total items: 11)
Similar to gold and sterling silver, titanium earrings are sought after by people with sensitive earrings. We use CP2 grade titanium alloy to create our jewelry. It has the most titanium content and therefore the least filler metals among all type of commercially used titanium alloy. It is the lightest among all materials used in the jewelry industry which means they are very comfortable for everyday wear. Compared to sterling silver, they do not tarnish and are virtually care free. Compared to gold, they are sold at a fraction of the price and are much lighter. The grey color of titanium has the avant garde appearance of modern jewelry that cannot be matched by traditional metals.
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 57 reviews.  
Light Blue Anodized Titanium Huggie Earrings
These earing would not stay clasped/closed and fell out several times.
Mickie , Pacific Beach Wa - 9/15/2022

Nice Hoops
Titanium 20MM Hoop Earrings
I have allergies to some metals and needed hypoallergenic earrings. These hoops cause no reaction and are attractive to wear. I like these so much I bought a second pair of blue huggy earrings. Glad I found out about Titanium Kay
Jana, SW Utah - 12/26/2021

Daughters LIKE
Light Blue Anodized Titanium Huggie Earrings
I have three daughters and they all like their rings from Titanium Kay. Fast shipping and good quality.
Malogos, Utah - 9/6/2021

Awesome Hoops
Titanium Huggie Earrings
I bought two pairs of hoops. A larger hoop for my bottom earlobe piercings and a smaller hoop for my second earlobe piercings. As I've gotten older, I can't wear anything but Titanium and wanted a good quality earring that was classic in style and can be worn with anything from casual to dressy. These hoops did not disappoint. I read many reviews before buying so I know how helpful these reviews can be. If you want a great quality Titanium earrings, you won't be disappointed with these earrings. I am already eye-balling other styles but, for now, I am enjoying my hoops. Oh, did I mention they shipped really fast? Just another perk that made this a great purchase.
Mel, Texas - 7/24/2020