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(Total items: 19)
(Total items: 19)

In terms of weight, titanium chains are the lightest among chains in the jewelry industry. It is comfortable to wear and they do not tarnish like silver chains. The more traditional styles such as bead, curb, wheat and rolo chains are made in the darker grey titanium where the contemporary styles such as the manhattan style is made in the chrome color titanium. Clasps on our titanium and tungsten chains are made in 316L stainless steel and they are as anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic as titanium and tungsten.

316L surgical stainless steel alloy is used on all our stainless steel chains. They are therefore safe to wear for any skin type and they have more heft than titanium chains. Please contact our customer service if you don't find the size you need, we may be able to get you a customized length necklace for certain styles.

Rating: 4.8 / 5 , based on 321 reviews.  
Truck driver
FIRMATO Stainless Steel Men's Link Necklace Chain
I love my necklass!!! Never take it off.. great investment...
Mario Etherly, Arkansas - 8/13/2017

Excellent necklace
Titanium Men's 5MM Link Necklace Chain
I just received one of the Best items I have ever ordered on line! The necklace is beautiful and I am very proud to wear and show off to everyone! THANK YOU
Bob Webber, Glen Burnie,Md - 8/9/2017

Solved my problem
Titanium 3MM Bead Necklace Chain
I need to wear a neck tag every day. Unfortunately the stainless steel dog tag chain was irritating my skin, causing a blister reaction. Moreover, it would pinch hairs on my chest. The Kay titanium chain of this small 3mm diameter solved all problems. The balls comprising the chain move far more smoothly than the stainless tag and do not pinch skin or hair. More importantly, symptoms of skin reaction from the nickel in stainless steel have disappeared. The color of this titanium tag actually compliment the small gold chain I continue to wear--much better than the stainless steel color. FYI the military knows the reaction problem caused by the standard issue dog tag chains. Their solution is to use plastic tubes that slide over it, which I understand are not very popular. I understand the soldiers as an alternative tend to use shoelaces or thin nylon rope for dog tags. Bottom line, for a bit over $100 this chain loved my problem. Mission accomplished.
Gunther G, Burlington VT - 7/28/2017

Great servics
Tungsten Carbide Men's Wheat Link Necklace Chain
Chain arrived quickly and exactly as ordered. Unfortunately was too small. Exchange for larger size was just as prompt. Husband loves the chain.
Jo, San Diego - 7/24/2017