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Titanium 7MM Wheat Link Necklace Chain

Style #: P102306 Availability: Out of stock

For those who like a rugged necklace as a favorite piece of jewelry then the titanium 7mm wheat link necklace chain is ideally suited for your needs. Made of 7 millimeter wide grey color high polish titanium the necklace is crafted with wheat links making it look extremely strong and rugged. Made from titanium the titanium necklace will not kink, misshape, or break due to its inherent rigid strength.

Our titanium 7mm wheat link necklace chain is the perfect choice as a gift for a job promotion, school graduation, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays. With our low prices and superior quality jewelry you can be assured your gift will last a lifetime and longer for the person lucky enough to receive it. Unlike the necklaces made from precious metals such as gold and silver, our titanium necklace will last years to come as they will not bend, twist, or break. We invite you to shop our entire line of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, wedding bands and other jewelry we carry online!

7 mm
High Polish
Rating: 5 / 5 , based on 7 reviews.  
Great Chain
Love it ..... Wish it was a brighter metal instead of gunmetal color but aside from that it's really nice.
, Toronto -

Quality chain
Really pleased with the chain, quality workmanship resulting in a beautiful yet understated looking piece with a nice finish and comfortable weight and feel. Was doubly impressed at the bonus protective plastic wrap with incorporated tabs for easy unwrapping that the chain was prepared with before placing in the branded jewellery bag for presentation and additional protection during shipping - is a nice touch to help prevent damage during transit. Speaking of which, shipping was fast - less than 3 weeks from purchase to arrival with no additional customs/duties to pay for shipping to the UK in December. Will definitely be keeping these folks high on my list for both personal and gift selections in the future.
, Norfolk, UK -

The chain is light with clean lines. Beautiful necklace. I never take it off
, Livermore -

A real chain
Very happy with the chain.
, BC, Canada -

nice necklace
very nice necklace with grey titanium very happy with my buy
, Australia -

for all those blocs[men] there ,if your heavy handed with your necklaces ,this is the one for you[use] strong as,and you can feel the thing around your neck 11\out of 10.thank god for titanium
, austraila -

Great Chain
Very comfortable. Easy latch. Wife's happy with it. Thanks, Dave
, durango, CO, US -