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Men's Titanium Wedding Rings

(Total items: 79)
(Total items: 79)

The newest symbol of eternal love is the titanium wedding ring. Titanium surpasses the silver and gold wedding bands of the past, due to its intrinsic natural beauty much like a bride on her wedding day. It is the ideal display of a lifetime of devoted wedded bliss.

Many brides ask why titanium rings are so popular today, as opposed to the old standby gold or silver. One of the many reasons beyond the beauty is the strength. Originally used in aerospace and oceanography as a commercial application has become a symbol of the enduring bond of a marriage. These rings are especially popular with men due to its strength yet comfortable light weight feel when worn daily.

Besides the obvious style and design of your wedding band there are practical reasons why titanium makes more sense than the traditional metals used for the last few centuries. If you have skin sensitivities then the inert properties of titanium make the ideal choice of a ring to wear. Further the ring will never tarnish like silver so it never needs to be polished with a special cream.

How to buy a wedding band

When making a purchase of jewelry you are typically making an investment and as such quality should be one of the primary consideration factors. Titanium is also one of the purest metals surpassing both gold and platinum in its purity. Wedding ring and jewelry designers today use titanium more and more due to the beautiful grey sheen that gives the look of platinum at a price most couples can afford.

Your titanium ring is an investment not only in the jewelry but in the beauty and aesthetic pleasure that you'll experience while wearing the ring. Hands are as different as the men and women they are attached to. A slender hand with tapered fingers will require a ring designed in a diagonal pattern, where someone with a broad hand and thick fingers will usually want a broader ring surface with a flatter design. No matter which ring you choose TitaniumKay is sure to have the exact style you will love and at a price that cannot be beat.

Rating: 4.8 / 5 , based on 1283 reviews.  
Wonderful ring
Titanium 6mm Dome Wedding Band Ring
The ring was perfect. It was exactly what I ordered and fit my fiances finger so well. Thank you!
Haley Robertson, Dardanelle, AR, US - 3/10/2016

Exceptional Ring
Titanium 8MM Domed Santos Rosewood Inlay Wedding Band Ring
What a beautiful piece of jewelry. I just love it...and at such a great price.
Julio Cuadra, Los Angeles - 12/22/2015

Black Titanium Double Cable Wedding Band Ring
Secretly bought this my husband since he had lost his other one and absolutely love it !!
Tsmith, Great bend - 12/1/2015

Titanium 5mm dome ring
Titanium 5mm Dome Wedding Band Ring
We absolutely love this ring, perfect size and very lightweight.
Nikki, - 11/6/2015