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(Total items: 52)
(Total items: 52)
Wedding ring
Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Wedding Band Ring
Had to replace band,luckily got same as original. Love this ring because I actually always wear it and it is pretty much scratch proff. Have other friends with gold and titanium rings and they are all scratched up.My old ring I wouldn't remember to take off until it was shaving metal off the car as I'm turning wrenches...never scratched
STH, STL - 4/12/2021

Titanium 2MM Round Curb Necklace Chain
I don't know, it has not arrived yet.
Leanne , Sydney, Australia - 3/15/2021

Perfect performing
Fingerprint Laser Engraving Service
Perfect copy to my child fingerprint to have alwais with me,engraved on a titanium dogtag! Thank you Titanium Kay for this unique item !
Vlad, Sweden - 3/3/2021

Flawlless chain
Titanium 4MM Box Link Necklace Chain
Great 18 inch chain for my child
Vlad, Sweden - 3/3/2021