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What are the advantages of Cobalt Chrome rings?

Superior Strength

Our cobalt rings use the same kind of cobalt alloy (cobalt chrome) used to built aircraft jet engines. It is so strong that it would not bend out-of-round and it retains its shape permanently.

Scratch Resistance

Cobalt chrome is harder than stainless steel, therefore, harder to scratch. Although not 100% scratch proof like tungsten carbide, it is much harder than titanium, and all precious metals including platinum, gold and silver.

Shatter Proof

Cobalt wedding bands will never shatter or crack. Due to the fact that cobalt alloys are malleable, they are shatter proof.

Permanent Premium White Color

They have a color comparable to white gold and platinum jewelry. Moreover, since they are not plated with rhodium, which will eventually wear off, they will retain its premium white color forever.


The same material used to make surgical tools is used to make these rings. They do not contain any harmful substances that would cause allergic reactions.


While cutting off a cobalt ring when it is still on the finger is significantly harder than cut off gold or silver rings, it can still be done. Jewelry shops may have a specific kind of cutting tools equipped with replaceable cutting discs for cutting gold, silver or even titanium rings. Since they are much harder, it requires diamond headed cutting discs, which are readily available to jewelry shops and emergency response units.

Also, due to the high tensile strength, it is less likely to bend out-of-round than gold and silver rings, which would put painful pressure on the finger in case an accident happens.


Compare to white gold and platinum, prices of our cobalt rings are significantly more economical to purchase.

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What are the advantages of Cobalt rings?

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