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Comparing Cobalt Chrome, Platinum and White Gold Rings

Cobalt chrome has a much lighter color compared to titanium and tungsten carbide. It has a very similar bright white color as platinum and white gold rings. Also, cobalt wedding bands are not plated with rhodium, the premium bright white color will stay forever. Yellow hue may appear on white gold and platinum rings after a long time of use.

Tensile strength of cobalt alloy is similar to that of titanium. While white gold and platinum could be bent-out-of-round, cobalt wedding bands will retain its perfectly round shape forever.

Scratch resistance
They are extremely hard, but they can still be scratched. Cobalt is four times harder than platinum and five times hard than gold.

Like white gold and platinum bands, plain cobalt rings can be resized by heating it up to an extreme temperature.

A simple white gold band ring for men can cost easily over $500, but our cobalt rings are priced under $200.

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