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Cobalt Rings

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Why buy Cobalt Chrome Rings?

Amazing Strength

These rings are made of the same kind of alloy (aka cobalt chrome) that is used to manufacture jet engines. It is so strong that it will not bend out of round, as it retains its shape forever.

Permanent White Color

Cobalt rings have color that resembles white gold, or platinum. However as they are not plated with rhodium, they will retain their premium white color for life.

Shatter Proof

Cobalt wedding bands will never shatter, or crack. Because of the malleable nature of cobalt alloys, they are shatter proof.

Scratch Resistant

Our cobalt bands are scratch resistant. Cobalt chrome is harder than stainless steel, and as such they are very hard to scratch. While not 100% scratch proof like tungsten carbide, it is much harder than titanium, platinum, gold, and silver.


Cobalt wedding rings are very safe as the tensile strength makes it nearly impossible to bend our rings out-of-round in an accident of any type, your finger is almost always protected from laceration. Furthermore, the ring, while significantly harder to cut off, can still be removed by jewelers or emergency responders. The jewelers and emergency medical agents have special cutting tools fitted with replaceable cutting discs for gold, silver, and even titanium rings.


The same cobalt alloy used to make our rings is the same material that is used to manufacture precision surgical instruments and artificial joints. As such our wedding bands do not have any harmful substances that could possibly cause an allergic reaction.


Saving the best for last, the prices for these beautiful enduring rings, are significantly more economical than silver, gold, or platinum

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Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 143 reviews.  
Cobalt XF Chrome 6MM Italian Di Seta Finish Newport Wedding Band Ring
This us our second band from Titanium Kay, the first was lost after 8 years at the beach. We are so happy with the quality and design that of course we ordered again. I received an email confirmation and a question confirming the size because we went a bit smaller on the size, so it wouldn't slip off my husband's finger again! I'm so happy with the final product, the customer service and concern with our order and the beautiful engraving that they completed for us! I will order again, and recommended them to friends who are looking!
AlexA, MA - 8/1/2018

Nice ring
Cobalt XF Chrome 8MM Plain Dome Wedding Band Ring
Pretty ring at an excellent price.
Kathy, Tennessee - 5/25/2018

Classy ring
Cobalt XF Chrome 8MM Italian Di Seta Finish Newport Ribbed Edges Wedding Band Ring
This ring is exactly as pictured: beautiful, well-crafted, and classy looking. It has a nice heft to it, and is comfortable on the finger. Delivery was super quick. So glad we discovered your website!
Susieq, - 3/29/2018

Great Ring
Cobalt XF Chrome 6MM Raised Center Wedding Band Ring
When deciding whether or not to purchase a ring on Titanium Kay I read a lot of the reviews and was impressed with how positive the majority of them were. I did notice that most the reviews were from years ago with not as many being recent. It made me wonder if things had changed, or if the quality had dropped. I went ahead and purchased a ring, and could not be more pleased. Like many others reviews state, I swear it is the same ring I looked at in a jewelry store at triple the cost.
Scott, Minneapolis, MN - 12/1/2017