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Buying a cobalt wedding band ring

Similar to buying a gold, titanium or tungsten band ring, you will need to consider the design, width, sizing and fitting of the ring.


Like gold wedding rings, cobalt rings come in dome and flat profile. For flat wedding rings, the edges could be beveled, rounded, pipe-cut or stepped. Combined with brushed finish and high polished finish, a large array of designs is available on the market. Grooves could be made around a ring as well as across a ring. Domed designs are generally more comfortable to wear compared to flat wedding bands. Brush finish wedding bands are more subtle than high polished ones.


Men’s wedding bands are usually made in widths between 6mm and 10mm. Women’s wedding bands are usually smaller than 6mm in width.

Comfort fit

All our rings are made with a comfort fit design. This means that the inside of the ring is curved, instead of total flat, for more comfortable wear.


It is the most important to have a wedding band that fits perfectly because it is worn everyday for the rest of your life. You don’t want to have a ring that is too loose that you may risk losing it when it falls off, but you don’t want to get a ring that is too tight that cause pressure and pain on the finger. It is recommended to get a ring size that it very snug when going through your knuckle but sits very comfortably when it is at the bottom of your finger.

Stones & Inlays

Some cobalt wedding rings have gemstones and inlays of precious metals such as yellow gold and white gold on them. When choosing a cobalt ring with stone settings or inlays, you should understand cobalt rings with stone settings or inlays could be damaged easier than the ones that do not. For diamond or other gemstone settings, the stones are held in place by the tension of the metal settings around. Since cobalt chrome itself is too hard, settings are usually made in stainless steel, and if the stainless steel settings are deformed by hitting with another hard object, the stones will fall off.

Although cobalt chrome alloy is very wear resistant, gold inlays around them are only as durable as a normal gold ring. The inlays will show much deeper scratches in more places than the rest of the cobalt part of the ring.

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