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Tungsten Inlay Rings

(Total items: 37)

Tungsten inlay rings are a spectacular way to bring a little more uniqueness and style to a wedding band with superior strength and durability. Our tungsten carbide rings, which are very strong and durable, are inlayed with various styling enhancements to make your ring an intimate expression of your unique sense of style and design.

Besides gold and silver, we use many different types of natural materials on our rings to achieve the ultimate uniqueness. The patterns and color variations on riverstone and metaphoric stone of each ring are different. No two rings are exactly the same.

(Total items: 37)
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 1231 reviews.  
REGAL 6MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
Lovely wedding band for my husband to be. The first is perfect.
Carla, AZ - 7/3/2017

Tungsten Carbide Greg Metal Wedding ring
Tungsten Carbide Grey Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band Ring
This ring is beautiful! I got it for my fiance 14 months ago and he loves it, says there are no scratches or anything so its definitely sturdy,especially considering he works in a kitchen. All in all its a great product, do recommend!
Katy, - 6/25/2017

Husband loved it!!
Tungsten Carbide Earth Riverstone Inlay Wedding Band Ring
I bought this right for my husband because he was in need of a larger ring. He loved it. I got super fast shipping to.
Dawn, Indianapolis - 3/30/2017

Cool Design
Tungsten Carbide Igneous Riverstone Inlay Wedding Band Ring
I loved the ring, had a great design. However the riverstone inlay got chipped out after 3 month of wearing it. Ended up losing a .5 inch chunk of the stone. wife super unhappy. I dont recommend if you work with your hands!
Steven Andre, Kesleyville - 9/25/2016