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Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Rings

A major decision of any wedding is the rings the couple will share. Titanium or tungsten rings, which is the better ring to choose? This is often a personal choice between the two people who are to be for eternity. However we want to help everyone make an informed choice when it comes to which style of wedding band they prefer. Below are some thoughts to help you make an informed decision.

Will My Ring Scratch Easily?

Titanium rings which are very strong and durable, but they could be scratched like gold or silver rings. Tungsten is totally resistant to abrasion. Being one of the hardest metals known to man, tungsten carbide rings are virtually scratch proof.

Can it be bent?

With a tungsten ring you never have to worry about it bending out of shape. It will always retain its roundness, even if too much pressure is applied the ring would shatter into pieces, not bend out of shape. Titanium rings are also very strong with high ductile strength, but if they are placed under extreme pressure could bend out of shape. The type of pressure that it would take is beyond what the human hand could do, and would require enough force to misshape the metal.

Will it tarnish?

Neither of these rings would change color due to their inert chemical composition. As such daily use and exposure to the sun, salt water at the beach, while doing the dishes, or changing a motor on your sports car. An added benefit is both are also hypoallergenic so they will not make the person wearing them ill.

Can my ring be re-sized?

Resizing is a concern for everyone due to possible weight loss or gain in the future. Due to the strength of the metals titanium and tungsten have extraordinary melting points and as such they cannot be cut or welded and as such are almost impossible to re-size. We are able to stretch titanium rings up to one size as long as there is not any inlay or stones, but they cannot be sized down. Tungsten rings however cannot be re-sized ever. It is important that you measure for ring size carefully, including measuring during different times of the day to determine an average size that will be comfortable throughout the day.

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