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How to clean tungsten rings?

Tungsten carbide rings are among the wedding rings that require the least maintenance to keep it shiny like new. Most people who wear a tungsten ring do not even need to have their rings cleaned regularly. However, it is a good idea to clean your ring thoroughly once a while just in case it was in contact with some harsh chemical without you knowing. Cleaning could also remove grease or lotion that stick on the surface of the ring. In most cases, a warm solution created from household soap is sufficient to do the job.

1. Make a cleaning solution

soap solution Simply mix some warm water with a few drop of household detergent in a container.

2. Scrubbing the ring with a cloth and a brush

toothbrushes Scrub the ring with a cloth while soaking the ring in the solution to remove dirt on the surface. You may also need to use a toothbrush to brush the ring, especially if it has a brushed finish, grooves or milgrain designs on it.

3. Rinse the ring under the tape

tape water Finally, rinse the ring using clean water and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.


harsh chemicals Your tungsten ring will last forever, not by cleaning regularly, but by understanding their chemical properties and knowing what NOT to do. Most important care you can give your tungsten ring is to avoid contact with harsh chemicals in the household. Chemicals that will reaction with the composition of tungsten carbide include chlorine and ammonia. A common household item that contains chlorine is bleach. Ammonia is commonly found in stove and oven cleaners and drain openers. Keep your tungsten ring away from these chemicals and wash them immediately with tape water if it has been exposed to them.

What if it didn't work? :(

harsh chemicals When normal cleaning doesn't work, your ring might need actual polishing. Please see another post about How to polish a tungsten ring for details. For tungsten rings with satin or matte finish surface, please refer to our how to clean a brushed tungsten ring.

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