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Engraving cobalt wedding rings

Similar to tungsten rings, cobalt chrome rings are recommended to be engraved with laser machine only. Although cobalt chrome has a hardness of less than the hardness of tungsten carbide, it is too scratch resistant to be engraved with tradition etching method for clear and smooth engraving results.

Laser engraving employs a powerful laser beam to carve into the surface of a cobalt ring. The engraving is much deeper than those made by etching with a diamond tipped tool. Besides being clear and easy to read, deep engraving also guarantees that the engraving is not going to wear off or fade over time.

Engraving cobalt rings with laser machine ensure precision of positioning and font sizing. The dimensions of the ring is entered into the computer, which controls the laser gun, so that the result can be previewed and adjusted to ensure the resulting engraving is exactly the way it looks the best.

Since the laser machine is controlled by a computer, custom font type and special symbols can also be used during the engraving process as long as the font file or image file is made available.

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