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Cobalt Chrome Vs Titanium and Tungsten Carbide Rings

Colors of cobalt chrome, titanium and tungsten carbide rings do not fade or tarnish because they are not plated and they do not corrode easily. However, cobalt chrome has a much whiter color compared to titanium and tungsten. This premium white color is comparable to white gold and platinum. On the other hand, titanium and tungsten have dark grey and gunmetal colors, which are significantly darker then white and platinum.

Tensile strength of cobalt alloy is similar to that of titanium. Moreover, like titanium, it is more malleable than tungsten carbide. Wedding rings made from these materials retain the round shape under normal use and do not get bent out-of-round.

Scratch Resistance
Cobalt is much more scratch resistant than titanium, but not as scratch resistant as tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide rings and titanium rings are not resizable. Cobalt rings can be resized by heating it to an extreme temperature. Therefore, if your finger size changes in the future, a cobalt ring will be able to adapt but not tungsten rings or titanium rings.

Our cobalt rings are priced similar to tungsten and titanium rings.

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