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Titanium 3MM Bead Necklace Chain

Style #: P102582

For those who love traditional jewelry the titanium 3mm bead necklace chain is sure to leave a lasting impression. Made of high polish grey color titanium with 3 millimeter wide beads. Nothing sets off a new outfit, suit, or jacket than a beautiful necklace and the color of the titanium necklace chain makes it perfect for dark colors so that the necklace stands out and accentuates your fashion sense and style.

Our titanium 3mm bead necklace chain is lightweight yet extremely strong and durable as titanium is amongst the strongest metals available. With our economical pricing the titanium necklace chain is the perfect choice for a birthday present, anniversary, school graduation, or job promotion present. Imagine the delight on the face of the recipient when they open your gift. Be sure to shop our entire line of high quality men's and women's jewelry.

3 mm
High Polish
Rating: 4.7 / 5 , based on 22 reviews.   (see all reviews for this product)
Solved my problem
I need to wear a neck tag every day. Unfortunately the stainless steel dog tag chain was irritating my skin, causing a blister reaction. Moreover, it would pinch hairs on my chest. The Kay titanium chain of this small 3mm diameter solved all problems. The balls comprising the chain move far more smoothly than the stainless tag and do not pinch skin or hair. More importantly, symptoms of skin reaction from the nickel in stainless steel have disappeared. The color of this titanium tag actually compliment the small gold chain I continue to wear--much better than the stainless steel color. FYI the military knows the reaction problem caused by the standard issue dog tag chains. Their solution is to use plastic tubes that slide over it, which I understand are not very popular. I understand the soldiers as an alternative tend to use shoelaces or thin nylon rope for dog tags. Bottom line, for a bit over $100 this chain loved my problem. Mission accomplished.
, Burlington VT -

Great and Comfortable Necklace
I’ve been wearing this necklace for many years. It is light weight, super durable, and very comfortable. I can wear this necklace all day and especially during workouts. I highly recommend Titanium. I recently lost a clasp and customer service was able to send a replacement, free of charge. Awesome service by a company that stands by its products!
, Carrollton, Texas -

Mr Right
This chain is awesome matches with my titanium mini flashlight
, Florida -

titan neck chain
super product and super service AAA +++
, Norway -

Titanium chain
Many people are allergic to nickel. Unfortunately, it is a component of the stainless steel chains that the Army issues with dog tags. My daughter, an Army officer, was having a very hard time with her dog tags...her chain was literally eating away her skin. We ordered the titanium chain with the hope that it would be hypo allergenic and not irritate her neck. It worked like a charm!! She has no problem with her dog tags any more thanks to Titanium Kay. I have to believe that my daughter is not the only one with this should market this to military personnel!! Thanks for the help!
, Denver, Colorado -

Excellent Jewelers
I was apprehensive about purchasing jewelry online, but I found Titanium Kay to have such excellent jewelry at very affordable prices. The shipping was free and fast, and I will definitely be shopping with Titanium Kay again in the future.
, MS -