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CLASSICAL Tungsten Carbide Men's Plain Dome Wedding Band

Style #: P102265 $54.99
A classic domed tungsten wedding ring . This wedding is the best to represent your love as it will stay permanently polished. This ring is made in comfort fit design. Click here for a brush finished version of this ring.

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9 gram
6 mm
High Polish
Comfort fit:
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 556 reviews.   (see all reviews for this product)
Perfect ring
It suited perfectly. The engraving process was surprising because they want to be sure of your choice by sending the ring first for trial and confirmation of the name to engrave, but the process was very fast anyways. I loved shopping here.
, Los Angeles, CA -

Very comfortable
My wife gave me this ring for our 20 year anniversary. It is true. To size and very comfortable to wear! Looks very nice and shinny!
, Bowling green, Oh -

cool ring
I love the ring, especially the grayish/bluish hue depending on the light.
, Nashville -

Great value!
I bought this a month ago and, although it hasn't exactly been put through the "wringer", it still has the same exceptional shine and not one single scratch can be seen even after purposely banging it on hard surfaces and dropping it on hard concrete from a few inches to listen to the high-pitched tinging from the exceptionally hard carbide metal alloy. This is the same stuff they use in saw teeth and snowplow blades (or so I'm told) and will last indefinitely in a wedding band, and at an exceptional price!
, Minneapolis -

Great ring at a great price!
I received the ring in a timely manner. I compared it to other tungsten rings sold by retailers in shopping malls and found that the ring I purchased through Titanium Kay was equal in quality. I was able to save a considerable amount over purchasing from a mall retailer. The rings holds its ability to shine and present an elegant appearance. It also has done well in terms of resisting scratches.
, Bloomington, IL -

Great buy
I bought this ring in 2009 and have worn it every day for the last three years. It has been a fantastic purchase. The ring still looks as new as the day I bought it; and as someone who has attempted to scratch it on concrete (to show off to friends), opened multiple beer bottles with it, lifted barbells with it on (I had to stop doing that because I developed a blister), I feel qualified to tell you that you cannot deface this ring unless you throw it into a volcano or vat of acid. Even then I'm not entirely confident the ring would actually be destroyed. Yes, I do show off this ring to friends. It is typically about five times heavier than everyone else's ring, and it has a more solid feel to it. And it's always shinier. I haven't taken it even once to a jeweler for maintenance. The price is far cheaper than anything I could find locally at the time. I dug up this link because I wanted to buy this same ring, only bigger. See, my wife has succeeded in expanding my waistline, and ring size along with it. Seeing as how the price hasn't increased, and it is still the cheapest of its kind, I have no reason to not buy it again. I figured I'd write the review while I'm here. The only drawback I have with this ring is that it is not possible to re-size it--due to its chemical makeup, it will shatter if you try to re-size it. So if you weigh 170 pounds and buy a size 9.5 and marry a woman who can make unrealistically incredible ribs, be prepared to buy another ring in a couple of years. I ain't even mad, all things considered. A++++++++++++ will buy again
, San Antonio, TX -