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How heavy are tungsten rings?

One of the characteristics possessed by tungsten carbide rings is the heft. When considering buying a tungsten ring, especially online, it would be useful to know how heavy they really are, we are going to show that by comparing them to wedding rings made in traditional precious metals. By comparing their relative densities, you will get an idea of how heavy a tungsten ring would be even if you have never held one in your hand before.

1. In the pure form

comparing tungsten, gold, silver and platinum The basis for establishing the relative densities of different alloys used to make wedding rings are the densities in the pure form. We will be comparing tungsten to silver, gold and platinum. Their densities are 19.3g/cm3, 10.49 g/cm3, 19.3 g/cm3 and 21.45g/cm3. In other words, if a 9999 gold bar were to be made exactly the same size and shape in tungsten, it should weigh roughly the same. But a platinum bar would weigh more than a tungsten bar of the same size and shape by roughly 10%.

2. Mixing it with other elements

alloy compositions Pure metals alone are never used to create jewelry due to many factors, and the primary reason is the durability. All precious metals are too soft to be used to make jewelry, and tungsten is brittle in its pure form. Adding other elements to the metal to creating alloys drastically increases the hardness. The most common alloys used to make wedding rings are sterling silver, 14k gold (yellow and white), 18k gold (yellow and white), 950 platinum and tungsten carbide. The chart here shows the percentage of the major metal used in each alloy.
Stering silver 14K Gold 18K Gold 950 Platinum Tungsten carbide
92.5% 58% 75% 95% 90%

3. Weight ratios

Using the densities and percentages of metals in each alloy, we can calculate the relative densities of each alloy. Here is the result
Stering silver 14K Gold 18K Gold 950 Platinum Tungsten carbide
10.3g/cm3 14.6g/cm3 15.5g/cm3 20.1g/cm3 15.63g/cm3
For instance, if five rings of the exact same size, width and shape are created using these materials, and lets say the 18K gold ring weighs 15 grams, then the ring made in sterling silver would weigh about 10 grams, the tungsten carbide rings would weigh roughly the same as the 18K gold ring, and the platinum ring is 30% heavier. comparing tungsten, gold, silver and platinum ring weights
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