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How to clean a brushed tungsten ring?

In order to thoroughly clean a tungsten ring with brushed surface or with grooves, the best way is to use pressurized steam. This is the only way to get a tungsten ring with brushed finish to look brand new again. Pressurized steam does two jobs at once. Firstly, the heat of the steam melts any oil/grease that gets stuck in the micro crevices that gives the ring the brush look. Secondly, the force from the jet of steam pushes all the dirt out from those microscopic crevices that are not seen by naked eyes.

1. The jeweler's way

steam cleaner Every jeweler has a pressurized steam cleaner, they are usually are in the size of a hand carry suitcase and they usually cost over a thousand dollars. Since these are industrial grade heavy duty machines, they could produce steam jet in excess of 80 psi. If you could bring your brush finish tungsten ring to let your local jeweler steam clean it, it definitely would look brand new again.

2. The personal steam jewelry cleaner

steam cleaner If you would like to steam clean your tungsten ring frequently, you may want to consider investing in a personal steam jewelry cleaner. They cost around $100 dollars and they take up much less space than a professional one. The pressure produced by a personal steamer is lower, but it is good enough for cleaning dirt on a tungsten ring. A steam cleaner is worth the investment especially if you have other jewelry such as diamond engagement rings in the household. It could reach areas that could not be reached by any hand tools.

3. The DIY jewelry steam cleaner

cappuccino If you have a cappuccino machine at home and don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can turn your cappuccino machine to a jeweler steam cleaner with a little modification. All you need is a metal disc in the size of the brewing filter. You replace the coffee filter inside the funnel with a metal disc. This in effect blocks the outlet for brewing , forcing all steam to be released at the steam spout. Here is the video from a jeweler showing the details of the modification.

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