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Do tungsten carbide rings turn your finger green?

Tungsten carbide rings do not turn your finger green, regardless whether nickel or cobalt is used in the binding process. Despite the fact that several websites claim that their tungsten rings do not turn finger green because nickel is used as binder, it is not the truth. These claim are false and unfounded. The following facts explain why tungsten wedding rings are not going to turn your green regardless of the binder used.

1. Tungsten carbide content

tungsten carbide crystal structure Tungsten carbide is created by heating tungsten and carbon with a binding agent to form a cement like structure. Usually, either nickel or cobalt is used as the binder, which is like reinforcing parts within the structure created with tungsten and carbon by sintering. The key is that within the alloy, there are no other trace metals, the only metals in the structure are tungsten and nickel/cobalt.

2. The culprit

statue of liberty Some rings turn your fingers green because it has the same metal that was used to built the exterior of the Statue of Liberty - copper. When copper oxidizes, copper carbonate, which is green in color, is produced. The primary reason that some rings turn your finger green is that they contain copper in the alloy. The acid and moisture from the skin react with it and cause it to rust. This process leaves the copper carbonate on the finger and makes it look green. The green coloration is not harmful and should be easily removed with soap and water.

3. Alloys that turn fingers green

green ring finger Costume jewelry made from base metal are likely to turn your finger green. The common base metals used in jewelry industry are brass, pewter and pure copper. These base metals are used to make most of the costume jewelry due to their low costs. Although most of them are plated with silver or other silver color metals, the moisture of the skin can still reach the base metal and react with it causing oxidation. Lotion can also accelerate the oxidation process and make the problem worse.

3. Rings that do not turn fingers green

wedding rings Most rings made from precious metals do not turn fingers green, they include gold, white or yellow, sterling silver and platinum. All rings made from alternative metals do not have the problem either, they include titanium, tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome and stainless steel. These rings do not have copper in the composition or the plating, so you can rest assured that your ring finger won't change color couple days after the wedding by getting one of these rings.
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