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Tungsten wedding band rings with inlays

As a symbol of eternal love wedding rings made from tungsten carbide are an excellent choice for their elegance, durability and the fact that they are virtually 100% scratch proof. There are various designs to suit your individual preference and to add to their versatile in daily use. They are also available with different grades of luster including high polish, satin or hammer finish. Among the most popular designs are faceted, laser engraved and inlaid.

One way inlaid rings are made begins with creating the hosting ring, which is called a “blank” with the groove for the inlay metal. After the blank is made, it is polished by diamond grinding tools before the inlay is set on to it. The inlay metal is put precisely inside of the groove in the hosting ring for a seamless finish. The various types of inlays available today include platinum, gold, silver, carbon fiber and ceramic.

The second way that inlaid rings are made is by a process called fusion. The blank is placed inside a mold of a shape of the tungsten ring with the groove filled. The precious metals such as gold, platinum, white gold and silver are melted and then injected into the groove and then cooled down again. The ring is then taken out from the mold, excess metal is removed and the entire ring is re-polished to its final appearance.

Innovative materials such as carbon fiber are also being used to create unique, fashionable tungsten carbide wedding rings. Since carbon fiber cannot be melted and fused onto the blank like precious metals, another method is used to make the carbon fiber inlay. The carbon fiber material is cut to the width of the groove and then wrapped around the ring.

To make the carbon fiber inlay more durable, a layer of scratch resistant and transparent acrylic is fused over the inlay groove. Although the acrylic is not 100% scratch proof, it is very scratch resistant and strong enough to stand daily wear and tear. However, if the acrylic ever gets scratched, it can be polished to restore its original condition in the same way precious metals are polished.

Ceramic is a rather new material for the jewelry industry is now being used by many designers that have gained popularity in crafting tungsten jewelry. Ceramic comes in black and white in color. Due to the fact that ceramic is not malleable like metal, nor is it elastic like carbon fiber, ceramic inlaid rings are much harder to make.

In order to create a tungsten ring with ceramic inlay, the ring itself has to be made to two pieces. The ceramic ring is created to fit on the base blank, and then the other thinner blank is put on to the larger one to secure the ceramic inlay.

Rings with inlays of rose gold, resin and mokumi are also available. These rings offer you a unique way to express your sentiments and your personality with innovative style and design.

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