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Stainless Steel Necklace - Jewelry for Every Man

Traditionally, when men wore jewelry, it was symbolic of status, clanship or bravery. Indeed, ornamentation for men in ancient times was used to enhance the accessories that supported their roles in society, whether it was as a warrior, a blacksmith or a king. Everything from helmets and swords to crest on shields and rings for men raised metal craft to a level beyond what we would call jewelry today.

It is the image of these times, when the metal that has become what we call steel today, was used to forge one of the ultimate symbols of manhood, the sword. The same proud craftsmanship is brought to bear in the necklaces for men, the gleam of steel connects to the underlying emotion of courage that men find a natural extension of their essence.

The brilliant sheen of steel is due to its chromium content; it must contain at least 10.5% chromium to remain "stainless." This is the element that reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an invisible surface layer that prevents corrosion. The higher the amount of chromium, the more resistant the material will be to corrosion.

For those with allergies, the best steel jewelry is made without nickel, making it magnetic in nature. There are many people who have allergies to nickel metal and hence, have turned to them. In modern times, it is the hypo allergenic properties of stainless steel that made it the metal of choice for surgical instruments and naturally evolved to be the metal best for jewelry used in body piercing.

But the designs crafted by jewelers today are far from the sterile concept of surgical steel; they appeals to a wide variety of men who like the idea of wearing a necklace, bracelet or chain because it is definitively masculine, a nearly indestructible alloy.

You will find a wide range of exemplary designs that reflect a keen appreciation of the strength and beauty of working with high quality grade of stainless steel. The line and form of our bracelets, necklaces and chains for men are made to suit every man's style; from bold and brash to cool and understated.

There are many jewelers who produce custom necklaces, bracelets and chains for men that are absolutely stunning in design. Our collection of men's jewelry designs are unique; unlike anything you will find in a traditional jewelry store. Complementing the necklaces are a wide variety of pendants in popular designs such as Celtic, Gaelic and modern contemporary. Many of the steel necklaces come with matching bracelets as well.

Men's jewelry manufactured from steel has many other advantages over composite alloy jewelry; it will not tarnish, it is rugged enough to withstand the most rigorous activity and in the unlikely event your necklace were to become damaged it can easily be repaired without losing the integrity of the original piece.

As the choice for the man in your life who has a unique sense of style, nothing is more appropriate to enhance his personality than a beautifully designed necklace, chain or bracelet. You can purchase this particular item of men's jewelry with confidence that it can be worn without any adverse reaction that could be caused should he have sensitive skin and without sacrificing style. Jewelry is the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion; birthdays, graduation, marriage or just to let him know how special he is to you. Make your selection for the man in your life from the outstanding collections of distinctive designs and he is sure to be pleased.

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