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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Man

Are you thinking about buying a gift for the special man in your life? If you are wondering what type of gift he would enjoy the most, we have some wonderful suggestions for you to consider in fine men’s jewelry accessories such as beautifully crafted tie clips, elegant cufflinks, essential money clips and distinguished business card cases.

Each of these accessories can be found in the traditional precious metals of sterling silver, 14 karat gold and platinum, as well as their modern counterparts of tungsten and titanium. To the delight of many men, jewelry accessory designers have expanded their horizons to include popular heritage designs that are near and dear to many men such as Celtic cross and Greek key symbols.

Whether for business or social affairs, being well dressed is often judged by the little things; the accessories that men use to enhance their appearance are just as varied today as those used by women. Shopping for men’s gift items is not only an experience into another world, it is an excursion into the masculine sense of style.

Starting with the most frequently used item on our gift list, the business card case adds the finishing touch to any business conversation, whether it is a formal presentation or an informal introduction. A business card case affords your man to present an image of immaculate care; each card retains its printer-fresh appearance. You can purchase a business card made of sterling silver and make it extra special with engraving.

Engraving the gift item you select for the man in your life makes it even more treasured. In the past, engraving was a standard procedure for any gift of note, whether for a wedding, graduation or birthday, creating a special sentiment and increasing its heirloom value. After years of being a rare occurrence, the art of engraving gifts of precious metals is beginning to become popular once again and the world’s engravers are enjoying a tremendous business especially for engraved gift items.

On the other hand, for the man who takes pride in presenting an impeccable image, you can find sterling silver tie clips that will accent his business suit to perfection. Tie clips and bars today are available in a wide array of designs, enough for him to have a different one for each day of the week, many with matching cufflinks.

While no one was looking, these elegant accessories have made a quiet comeback as a staple of the well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Cufflink designers have taken note and now you will find some very contemporary designs along with the classics. And for those formal affairs where the details matter most, there are cufflink sets available with matching studs.

While a billfold accomplishes the task of securing cash, the money clip is a unique symbol of wealth that a billfold cannot match. The finest leather cannot compete with the rich luster of 14k gold or sterling silver; metals from which money itself are made.

After a business day, if your man likes to relax with a brandy and cigar, remind him of how special he is to you with a monogrammed lighter. Even if he is not a smoker, having a beautiful lighter is indispensable for lighting candles or starting a blazing fireplace to warm a chilly night.

These are just a few of the gift items for your selection when you want to treat your man to a little luxury. No matter what you budget, there are men’s gift items available at every price point, affording you the opportunity to choose as many items as you please.

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