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KAYLORD Tungsten Carbide Laser Engraved Celtic Knot Ring

Style #: P103590 $99.99
This ring is an excellent choice for active people who want to look cool in all situations. While it could be difficult to find one ring that is suitable in every occasion, wearing this Irish tungsten ring could be an advantage. The Celtic design on the ring brings the confident and smart look everywhere you go.
6 mm
High Polish
Comfort fit:
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 61 reviews.   (see all reviews for this product)
Awesome Ring
I got this ring for my partner, who works with thier hands and is very hard on rings. The last ring i bought was white gold with dimonds, very nice but never worn for fear of damage. since we slipped yuor ring onto the finger it has not come off once. It's beatiful but very strong and my partner loves it. Thank you, Diana
, Washington, USA -

Perfect ring -- backed up with ironclad warranty
I bought my ring as a wedding band three years ago -- and have enjoyed everything about it. Its shine and engraving have proven immune to the extensive abuse I've subjected it to. I've hit it on things more times than I can remember, scratched on all kinds of surfaces including rough granite, and there was never a mark on it. That is until last week, when after completing a home improvement project I was thumping the head of a hammer into the palm of my left hand (remember, I did say I've beaten up my ring a lot) and must have hit the ring just the wrong way -- and it broke. Not sure whether it was a crack from previous hits that finally gave way, a slight flaw in the metal, an unlucky angle, or some combination. Anyway, the ring didn't shatter -- it broke into a 'c' shape and the little fragment that would connect the ends. I sent the ring back to Titanium Kay (along with a copy my invoice, which they so conveniently store online for their customers), hoping that they'd replace it for me under the warranty -- even though it was clearly at least partly my fault. They replaced it for free. Not only that, they redid the engraving and shipped it out to me for free -- and I had my replacement ring within a few days of them receiving it. Now THAT'S customer service and standing behind your product! The way Titanium Kay stands behind their product negates one of the few drawbacks of buying a tungsten ring -- the fact that they are somewhat brittle (though you can be sure I'll avoid hitting my new ring with a hammer). In some ways, however, this experience was also reassuring -- because even though tungsten rings cannot be cut off in an emergency, it demonstrated that a tungsten ring could be intentionally broken fairly easily (to free an injured finger) by using a vice grip (or in a pinch even a hammer or rock).
, Corvallis, OR -

Simply Beautiful
I bought one for my husband since he is allergic to several metals. This is the first band that he hasn't had a reaction to. He loves the weight of it and the design is so beautiful. He ended up buying me one as well to replace both of our plain wedding bands. The only issue we had was the sizing but the store was quick to send a different size.
, Roanoke, VA, US -

celtic knot ring
My husband loves this ring. He has had it 2 years now and it has no scratches on it. He says it is very comfortable as well. Lovely style and looks even nicer in person.
, tn -

beautiful ring
Its not that i didn't like the ring but we couldn't get it in a size big enough we ordered it in 15.5 to small then in a 16 still to small wish it came in a bigger size beautiful ring....
, New York -

great design
beauiful rings my wife and I love it
, -