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(Total items: 35)
(Total items: 35)
Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 790 reviews.  
Tungsten Carbide Polka Wedding Band Ring
Great, after 6 years this ring looks good.
Ledy, US - 1/24/2022

Alternate ring
Titanium Golden Ip Inlay Wedding Ring
I got the ring while I wait for my wedding band to arrive. It looks great. I now wear it together with my wedding band.
ESG63, Chicago - 11/3/2019

Nice ring.
Black Zirconium Wedding Band Ring
It is light weight, very comfortable, and looks great. I have received compliments on it.
Alan, Oange County, Ca - 1/9/2016

Gorgeously made
HARLEQUIN Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring
The ring is beautiful and size is perfect. Very satisfied
Lennie b, Maryland - 8/15/2015