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Customers tell it best

We strive to provide the best customer service to our customers. If you have any problems with our products or service, you are encouraged to contact us directly through Contact Us page instead of communicating through testimonials.
Truck driver
FIRMATO Stainless Steel Men's Link Necklace Chain
I love my necklass!!! Never take it off.. great investment...
Mario Etherly, Arkansas - 8/13/2017

Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring w/ Raised Center
The ring fit him amazing and looks so good on him. He is in love with it too.
Maravelazquez, CA - 8/12/2017

FILOE 8MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
Exceptional ring delivered as ordered. Great ring great xompany
Paul M, - 8/9/2017

Excellent necklace
Titanium Men's 5MM Link Necklace Chain
I just received one of the Best items I have ever ordered on line! The necklace is beautiful and I am very proud to wear and show off to everyone! THANK YOU
Bob Webber, Glen Burnie,Md - 8/9/2017

8mm Titanic Exchange and script Engraving
Laser Engraving Service
The laser engraving inside my new ring is amazingly beautiful I don't care what part of the country you are in do business with these folks and you will not be disappointed. Everything from the quality of the ring and the quality of the Engraving to the outstanding customer service and turnaround time are a 10 across the board I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
Mark , Boston Ma - 8/8/2017

8mm Titanic Exchange
Tungsten Carbide 10MM Flat Wedding Band Ring
I initially requested the 10 mm flat did not like it and turned around and swap that out for the 8mm Titanic which is a 10 across the board. The size is perfect the beauty is perfect the inscription is amazingly outstanding so I'll tell you don't go anywhere else make sure to buy what you need right here you will not be disappointed :-)
Mark , Boston Ma - 8/8/2017

Solved my problem
Titanium 3MM Bead Necklace Chain
I need to wear a neck tag every day. Unfortunately the stainless steel dog tag chain was irritating my skin, causing a blister reaction. Moreover, it would pinch hairs on my chest. The Kay titanium chain of this small 3mm diameter solved all problems. The balls comprising the chain move far more smoothly than the stainless tag and do not pinch skin or hair. More importantly, symptoms of skin reaction from the nickel in stainless steel have disappeared. The color of this titanium tag actually compliment the small gold chain I continue to wear--much better than the stainless steel color. FYI the military knows the reaction problem caused by the standard issue dog tag chains. Their solution is to use plastic tubes that slide over it, which I understand are not very popular. I understand the soldiers as an alternative tend to use shoelaces or thin nylon rope for dog tags. Bottom line, for a bit over $100 this chain loved my problem. Mission accomplished.
Gunther G, Burlington VT - 7/28/2017

Winner winner
FILOE 8MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
The whole experience working with TK was wonderful. This was a new band for me after losing my original wedding ring (I managed to keep the same one for 10 years). The ring is beautiful and well made. It fit true to size for me and it's solid. Good density without feeling super heavy as some tungsten bands do. Also, shipping is like a race for these people. I figured 3-5 day shipping would mean "3-5 days after we get around to boxing it up later this week". No. I swear they have someone waiting at all times for an order to come through who sprints back, grabs the ring, ships it out and checks their time. It shipped within an hour of my order! Great job folks... keep it up! I believe companies who strive for excellence should be rewarded with more business so support these people!
Adam B, Bee Cave, TX - 7/26/2017

Tungsten Carbide Grey Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band Ring
Bought this a couple years ago. Just lost it swimming and had to have another.
John, Spokane - 7/25/2017

Great servics
Tungsten Carbide Men's Wheat Link Necklace Chain
Chain arrived quickly and exactly as ordered. Unfortunately was too small. Exchange for larger size was just as prompt. Husband loves the chain.
Jo, San Diego - 7/24/2017

Black Tungsten Carbide Men's Wheat Link Necklace Chain
Product received earlier than expected!!!! Great service fast replies. Chain looks even better live. Over the moon with service and product
Steve S, Sydney AUS - 7/17/2017

Wonderful necklace chain
Nitrogen Stainless Steel Men's Link Necklace Chain
It took me a lot of time to get to your internet site by surfing the internet because I was looking for something specific. I was lucky to find you. The photos on your site are very nice and I was pretty sure the necklace chain I order is exactly what I'm looking for. Indeed, when I went to customs and took it and unpack it it was exactly what I want. Thanks.
Pavel Marinov, Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union - 7/14/2017

Very unique
Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Two-Tone Wedding Band Ring
I received this ring 5 days from order placement. A speedy and safe shipment it was via fedex from US to South Africa. The ring is still more than I expected, its very unique, solid and is definitely shows the results of a clinically detailed design. Am getting married on 20/07/2017 and cant wait to rock this ring. My fiancee loves it to bits. I would like to extend my thanks to Mark who assisted me all the way from enquiry to delivery of the ring. He is very prompt in response and well knowledgeable.
MacWalter, South Africa - 7/10/2017

Italian Cut Men's Titanium 10MM Curb Link Bracelet
This is a beautiful curb chain and Titanium is the perfect metal for such a thing. It's a bit pricey (not like gold, so affordable), it doesn't tarnish, it's lightweight, and it looks nice. I like this brushed look - it's not all "blingy" like stainless steel with the shine - subtle but nice. I thought it would be a bit bigger for 10mm (thicker, more so) but after wearing it for some time, it's just perfect. I forgot to mention in my review of the matching necklace, I love the clasp on both of these - I'm so sick of lobster claws and these clasps are a really nice touch!
Dennis S, Phoenix - 7/7/2017

Italian Cut Titanium 10MM Curb Necklace Chain
This is a beautiful curb chain and Titanium is the perfect metal for such a thing. Gold seems passe, sterling silver and copper can't be worn for long (I tend to wear my chains for long periods of time) because of the tarnish and dirt they leave on your skin, so Titanium is perfect. It's a bit pricey (not like gold, so affordable), it doesn't tarnish, and it looks nice. I like this brushed look - it's not all "blingy" like stainless steel with the shine - subtle but nice. I thought it would be a bit bigger for 10mm (thicker, more so) but after wearing it for some time, it's just perfect.
Dennis S, Phoenix - 7/7/2017

Perfect replacement
Black Titanium Band with Grey Titanium Edge
This review is actually for the great service from Titanium Kay. The ring is very nice - in fact, when my husband and I bought them (original set) just short of 4 years ago for our wedding rings (and they were 8x the price of now!!), we liked them a lot - and still do. The problem with these rings is, if you work a lot with your hands, they don't hold up great. My husband's job isn't hard labor so his still looks fine. I, however, do a LOT of outside work, yardwork, building stuff, etc. The black on this ring is just a coating and it will chip off - and after 3.5 years of constant wear under heavy hand labor, my wedding ring looked rather cheap and shoddy. The original seller of our rings is no longer around so I'm really glad I just happened to come across this ring so I could replace it and have a nice wedding ring again (I should have bought a few!). Now I just need to remember to take the ring off when I'm doing heavy hand work - but it's just not something I think of, as I never take it off. So, 5 stars for the service, I'd have to give the ring maybe only 3-4 stars.
Dennis S, Phoenix - 7/6/2017

Cool looking
Titanium 7MM Wheat Link Bracelet
Smooth ordering and receiving process. Good looking piece of jewelry. A little darker than expected but still very attractive looking. Well worth the price. Quality is great.
Greg A, Tennessee - 7/4/2017

REGAL 6MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
Lovely wedding band for my husband to be. The first is perfect.
Carla, AZ - 7/3/2017

Great Ring, Better Customer Service
Cobalt XF Chrome 8MM Italian Di Seta Finish Two-Tone Flat Wedding Band Ring w/ Rounded Edges
This ring is rather comfortable. It isn't too heavy but still has heft. The texture is almost velvet like. Very nice. It may be a bit on the larger side, though. Finger measured to 10.5 but had to exchange it for a 10. Very easily done with Titanium Kay's support. Very happy with purchase so far.
Joe, - 6/27/2017

Nice product, good company
Titanium Men's 10MM Link Necklace Chain
Beautiful chain, light and well made. The clasp is the same material so that makes all the difference. We bought another chain from Titanium Kay and it was too big. They exchanged it right away with no questions asked. Easy process, would recommend them!
Sam, - 6/26/2017