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Customers tell it best

We strive to provide the best customer service to our customers. If you have any problems with our products or service, you are encouraged to contact us directly through Contact Us page instead of communicating through testimonials.
Tungsten Carbide High Polished Men's Link Bracelet
Top quality and delivered on time from US
Ken, Sydney - 8/23/2019

Love the earrings!!!
Titanium 20MM Hoop Earrings
Love my earrings. They were of great quality. They are also light weight and comfortable!!! The shipment was quick. Titanium Kay is a good company. It tells me they have pride in their company, which is rare these days. Don’t hesitate to buy from them.
Birdie, Topeka, KS - 8/21/2019

Stainless steel chain
Nitrogen Stainless Steel Men's Link Necklace Chain
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and keeping me informed with my delivery my chain is absolutely beautiful I love it and I would highly recommend to buy from this company thank you so much
Henry, Buena Park - 8/15/2019

Great Customer Service!
FILOE 8MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
We bought my wedding back almost 9 years ago. The other day I noticed that my tungsten ring had developed a chip and a crack. One email to Titanium Kay and my replacement ring was in the mail, no questions asked (other than my original order number). What a wonderful surprise it is to find a company that so readily stands behind their products. Thank you!
Jason F. , Marion, NC - 8/12/2019

Titanium 2.5MM Rope Necklace Chain
I love mine and girlfriend apparently has an allergy to.the metal and cannot wear gives her a rash...i know that is rare but her brother has titanium allergy also
Aurora dolphin, CO, US - 8/10/2019

2 rings beautiful.Eye catchers
Tungsten Carbide Men's Wedding Band Ring with Cross Design
I purchased 2 rings toungston cross design.1 for me and one for my girl.13 1/2 & and a size 10 for my lady. I had them sent to my place of work. Everybody at my job loved the rings. Alot stronger and nicer than my bent gold rings from the past.These will last the rest of our lives. I recommend Titanium kay to everyone that does hard work with their hands. No more bent gold rings
Bernie Chamberlain, Derry.NH - 8/3/2019

titanium rope chain
Titanium 2.5MM Rope Necklace Chain
Very nice chain, packaged nicely and arrived promptly. However, I did have some trouble trying to determine the thickness of the chain. I measured the diameter of the chain I had at home but the first chain at that thickness was too big around. So I had to go down to a 2.5mm to get what I thought was a 4mm. Still. a very nice all titanium chain of very good quality and good customer service.
Paul C, NC - 7/30/2019

HALO Black Tungsten Carbide Flat Wedding Ring
It fit my husband like a glove. He was a 8 3/4 size and we ordered up and it fits him amazing! And absolutely amazing detail and quality =)
NerdBride, Nj - 7/12/2019

I love this Bracelet
Titanium High Polish Bike Link Bracelet
I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday, it fit perfect and he absolutely loved it!!!
Wendy , Naples, FL - 6/28/2019

Titanium 4MM Wheat Link Necklace Chain
The chains are beautiful. Great costumer service.
Michael, Fort Lauderdale, FL - 5/7/2019

very nice necklace
Stainless Steel Men's Large Box Link Necklace Chain
The necklace is even more beautiful in real life than in the photos. fast and efficient transaction. I highly recommend
Anthony, Belgium - 5/3/2019

Looks Awesome
Titanium 4MM Wheat Link Necklace Chain
I'm very happy with this chain. After I received it I ordered two more each a different size as gifts.
Michael, Fort Lauderdale, FL - 4/29/2019

this is a beautiful ring
Titanium 8MM Domed Ashen Zebra Rosewood Inlay Wedding Band Ring
i got a size to big but going to exchange.
William, Colorado - 4/24/2019

Nice Chain
Titanium 4MM Curb Necklace Chain
There is some uneven quality to the feel of the chain in places as you run it through your fingers. It looks fine and otherwise is good.
Vince, Hawaii - 4/15/2019

GRIFFIS Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring
I loved it!! Fast delivery and really nice
Griffis, Riverside - 4/4/2019

Must see in person
GLADIATER Tungsten Carbide Men's Link Bracelet
Bracelet is a piece that pictures can not due justice, very please when arrived. Not your everyday piece. Soon as it arrived I ordered another 1 for 1 of my son's that I knew would really like it. Catches light well, and in so many different angles. Like I stated in the beginning, the picture doesn't do it justice. Well, Maybe the one on the home screen is the closest.
Melo, Chicago - 3/13/2019

A simple basic chain
Italian Cut Titanium 10MM Curb Necklace Chain
The description of the chain does state that it is a grayish gunmetal color, but it also states that the chain is a high polish... this is not so. My chain came looking very unfinished like raw cut metal which makes it look very cheap and it barely reflects light. Not satisfied with this purchase at all and would a metal dog collar over this product.
Brad Taylor, FL - 2/11/2019

engraving on my ring
Laser Engraving Service
The engraving is wonderful. I love this company
paula, NJ, USA - 1/28/2019

beautiful ring
Black Tungsten Carbide 6mm Dome Comfort-Fit Wedding Band Ring
This is exactly what I wanted. Love it
paula, NJ, USA - 1/28/2019

Tungsten Carbide Tiger Eye Inlay Dome Wedding Band Ring
The ring is more then he expected for me to be able to find! He absolutely loves it!
Monica Holmes, Indianapolis, IN, US - 1/4/2019