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Customers tell it best

We strive to provide the best customer service to our customers. If you have any problems with our products or service, you are encouraged to contact us directly through Contact Us page instead of communicating through testimonials.
Awesome Ring
Titanium 8mm Wedding Ring w/ Brush Center
I was so excited when I found this ring for my soon-to-be husband! It is the exact same one he wanted at one of our local jewelers that sales for 400$+ and I got it for way less than that. It is amazing quality and the shipping was quick! Would recommend to anyone =) Great job Titanium Kay!
Nicole M, Canada - 10/10/2016

Laser Engraving Service
The engraving on the Promethius ring I ordered was absolutely perfect and looks amazing!!!
Holly Sinclair, Florida - 10/3/2016

Tungsten Carbide Hammer Finish Wedding Band Ring /w Grooves
Ordered a Titanium wedding band and it was too our doorstep within a week. We had to exchange size and that process was also very easy. Excellent customer service and the product is beautiful! Highly recommend this company!
Jen, Alabama - 10/1/2016

Cool Design
Tungsten Carbide Igneous Riverstone Inlay Wedding Band Ring
I loved the ring, had a great design. However the riverstone inlay got chipped out after 3 month of wearing it. Ended up losing a .5 inch chunk of the stone. wife super unhappy. I dont recommend if you work with your hands!
Steven Andre, Kesleyville - 9/25/2016

5 star start to finish
I could not have asked for a smoother transaction or better customer service: they made it very easy to exchange my ring for a different size years after the initial purchase date. Such a beautiful ring; it made me as happy as the day we received the first one.
Lucy , NC, US - 9/24/2016

Met expectations
Cobalt XF Chrome 6MM Italian Di Seta Finish Newport Wedding Band Ring
Good service - ring met expectations and was competitively priced.
Marcus B., Europe - 9/23/2016

This ring is awesome!
MERCURY Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring
The website does not do this ring justice. It is absolutely exquisite.
Ryno L, CC, TX - 9/16/2016

Titanium 20MM hoop
Titanium 20MM Hoop Earrings
A great-looking lightweight earring. I would thorougly recommend this product to anyone. The delivery was very quick. Bravo!
James, France - 9/16/2016

chain necklace purchase
Titanium 4MM Curb Necklace Chain
Easy to navigate web site. Good selection of merchandise. Simple check-out process. Purchase delivered when promised.
Gary, San Diego - 9/12/2016

Horrible. Do not buy.
Cobalt XF Chrome 6MM Beveled Wedding Band Ring
Do not buy from here. Terrible customer service. Shipped wrong size.
Anonymous, Florida - 9/11/2016

Great Ring
Tungsten Carbide White Ceramic Inlay Wedding Band Ring w/ Horizontal Satin Finish
Dan G, San Diego - 9/6/2016

Replacement wedding ring
Laser Engraving Service
This was a second purchase. The ring, inscription, and customer service is impeccable from Titanium Kay. Thank you.
Kimberly Clegg, Kansas - 9/5/2016

Awesome Ring
Tungsten Carbide 9MM Diamond Wedding Band ring w/ Stepped edges
My husband loves his ring! I was very nervous about buying a ring online but I had the hardest time trying to find his size in jewelry stores. The stepped edges allow the light to hit it just right and the diamond in the middle adds an extra bling. Very pleased with this purchase!
TheNewMrsDixon, Jackson, MS - 9/1/2016

Perfect ring
MERCURY Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring
This ring g is simply "alive" as it constantly catches light and shimmers unlike any ring I've ever worn. I am so very pleased with it and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who desires a bit of "flash"!
Lee Andrews , Lindsay. Canada - 8/10/2016

Perfect Ring
Tungsten Carbide Blue Ceramic Inlay Wedding Band Ring w/ Horizontal Satin Finish
I bought this ring for my partner and its the perfect engagement ring. very classy and elegant yet significant.
Ramon Dominguez, Miami, Florida - 8/8/2016

Cobalt Chrome 8MM Blue Sapphire & Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band Ring
This is a nice ring. My future husband loves the shine of the chrome and the blue inlay. the middle sapphire is very small and not that bright. However, this is a great ring.
Marie, Atlanta - 8/4/2016

Love it!
Ninja Star Tungsten Carbide Spinning Wedding Band Ring
I bought this ring for my husband for our anniversary, who really likes it. It isn't a boring, plain wedding band, but it isn't feminine or too ornate. The ring is a really heavy, sturdy one that was really well made. It was well worth the price.
Becca, Maryland - 8/3/2016

Lasted a year
Tungsten Carbide Grey Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band Ring
This ring lasted a year and cracked and the middle broke.
Jacqueline , Oklahoma - 7/25/2016

Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Wedding Band Ring w/ Grooves 8mm
CHERI, MARCY NY - 7/19/2016

Great ring
FILOE 8MM Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band
My husband loves this ring! We're on #2 because he lost his first one and, 8 years later, we're still choosing the same ring.
TMN, - 7/12/2016