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Tungsten Carbide Bracelets

(Total items: 22)
(Total items: 22)

Tungsten carbide was previously used for industrial applications. Mens jewelry made of tungsten carbide has an even more incredible strength - it is four times harder than titanium and twice as hard as steel - this metal is so tough that it can only be damaged by diamond abrasion or a hammer blow. Mens tungsten carbide jewelry utilizes the qualities of this metal to its full advantage; all of the styles accent masculine prowess and every wardrobe.

But be aware when you shop for tungsten jewelry, that the binding used in creating this jewelry is extremely important. There are many jewelers who are using cobalt binders instead of nickel binders to cut costs, which can cause some individuals to experience an allergic reaction.

Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 127 reviews.  
New Bracelet
SUPRANO Tungsten Carbide Men's Link Bracelet
Nice bracelet I found online to replace a broken old one that could not be repaired. It is comfortable, light, and easy to fasten. Very fashionable and people around have complemented me on its look.
manofwine, Palm Beach - 12/21/2018

Beautiful bracelet
SUPRANO Tungsten Carbide Men's Link Bracelet
Fantastic will be an 18th birthday present for my son.....he did choose it but I'm making him wait much to his annoyance!!! Great product and great service.....quick delivery across the miles!!!!!
Wubber, Kent, UK - 5/20/2016

Tungsten Carbide Black Ceramic Men's Bracelet
Just got my tungsten carbide bracelet. Right size, right fit. Looks really good. Made the right choice getting it!
Thomas, Singapore - 9/27/2015

Awesome Link Bracelet
Katamie Tungsten Carbide Wheat Link Bracelet
Ordered the bracelet to match the Tungsten Necklace, was a little skeptical I am not a bracelet person, but after receiving it and wearing it, I got a lot of complements on it and is very masculine looking. Highly recommend if your looking for a nice bracelet.
brucelusa, Voorhees,NJ - 9/2/2015