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Your Own Special Keepsake: The Wedding Journal

Whether you are getting married in a few months or a few weeks, your special day will arrive a lot faster than you think.  Planning your future with your partner is a big step and of course you want it to be a day to remember, but the days leading up to your marriage ceremony are just as special.

Keeping a wedding journal is a great way to recapture all of the excitement (and sometimes aggravation) that comes with organizing a special life event. Not only will it help you remember some of the small details that made this period of time unique, but it will also give you a quiet moment of reflection during this busy time.

While most people think of writing long entries when you mention the word “journal” these books can much more than the written word. Photos always make the best memories because the capture a moment in time. Your wedding photographer may have the job of taking pictures of you and your wedding party on the day of your marriage, but there are many informal photos that will help you remember this experience with a smile.

Your wedding journal can contain photos or mementos of the place your partner proposed to you,  your engagement party, your wedding ring choices, the bride selecting her gown or the groom getting fitted for his wedding tuxedo, the bridal shower, the choices for your wedding cake, the bachelor party, wedding bouquet, the wedding rehearsal dinner, invitation or favor samples and all of the other special moments leading up to the marriage ceremony.

This is also a good place to record your initial wedding invitation list, your reception menu or the favorite songs you would like to hear for your first dance. If you and your partner are thinking about writing your own vows, here is where you can jot down some of the memorable statements that you would like to use.

A wedding journal can serve the purpose of an organizer, a scrapbook and a diary, and along with your wedding and honeymoon photographs help to recreate the experience for you and your partner to relive anytime you want to take a look at how it all came together to help you say “I do.”