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When the Ring's the Thing-Make it Last Forever

The decision to marry brings with it a lot of choices; selecting the right date, place and theme are usually the first that come to mind. But today with so many different styles available, selecting the perfect wedding band ring should also be at the top of your list.

You want to give yourself and your partner enough time to consider all of the options. If you have decided on a double-ring ceremony, you can have matching rings or choose rings to suit your individual personalities.

Now that both men and women can wear engagement rings, the next thing to discuss is whether or not you will both continue to wear them after the wedding ceremony. If this is what you want to do, then choosing a band ring to compliment your engagement ring is crucial.

With these decisions made, you can focus on the design of the ring itself. The classic style of solid metal is still a fast favorite, but today there are a wide array of gemstone settings to please the most discriminating taste and budget range.

However the most important thing to consider in your wedding band ring selection is the metal from which it is made. The beauty of it depends on theĀ  strength of the metal and if you choose a metal such as gold or sterling silver, you may need to take extra care to avoid damaging it. In addition, both of these metals require regular maintenance; in order to remain lustrous you must clean and polish them. If your ring is set with gemstones that could mean a trip to a professional jeweler.

Although both of theses metals are beautiful and have traditionally been used for wedding rings, today tungsten carbide and titanium are wonderful alternatives. They give you the beauty you want without the stress of cleaning or polishing and the bonus factor of these metals is that they are impervious to damage. The high quality polish of a titanium or tungsten carbide ring can easily match the brilliance of platinum at only a fraction of the cost. Choosing either of these metals for your wedding ring will give you a symbol of your love that will truly last forever.