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Wedding Jewelry Sets: a Beautiful Accent to Your Bridal Gown

The term "wedding jewelry" means more than just the engagement and wedding band. Almost every jewelry item that a woman can wear can be found in a style that is suitable for a wedding. Depending on your choice of the design of your bridal gown you can choose either a single piece or a bridal set of jewelry to complement your appearance.

There are as many styles of bridal jewelry as the women they adorn, and with so many choices available there is no hard-and-fast rule on the number of jewelry pieces you must wear in addition to your wedding ring. The advantage of wearing a bridal set is that its coordinated design stands apart from individual pieces giving your appearance a polished finish.

Your choice of a bridal jewelry set can play an important role to your overall feeling on your special day, so it's wise to follow your heart when making your selection. It's not always necessary to purchase this jewelry; some women wear a bridal jewelry set that has been passed down from women in their family as a way to honor them and upkeep a tradition.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a bridal set is the design of your wedding dress. If you are wearing an elaborately designed gown, especially one that is heavily beaded, several pieces of jewelry may be too much.  In this case, adding the simplest style of jewelry, for instance a single strand of pearls will provide a lovely accent.

On the other hand, an elaborate necklace and earrings set can be a completely stunning addition to a dress that is designed with clean, classic lines. Wearing jewelry that has points or prongs should also be avoided if your wedding gown is made from delicate material such as lace or tulle to avoid damage.

A good starting point for selecting your bridal jewelry is the design of your wedding band; if you have chosen a classic or modern titanium wedding band design, the rest of your wedding jewelry will work beautifully if chosen with the same theme.