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Wedding Ideas to Make Your Ceremony Spectacular

For many people, marriage is the epitome of all the ways two people can express their love for one another. Although wedding ceremonies can be dictated by religious marriage customs, there are many aspects that can be added to make yours truly unique.

The way you begin and end your wedding can be enhanced by including family and friends to assist in marking these two points in the ceremony. For instance in addition to the traditional wedding processional music, you can have someone to ring bells or light candles; two beautiful ways to let everyone know these are significant moments.

Depending on the type of ceremony you are planning, you may be able to adopt traditions from other cultures which have symbolic meanings that bring more beauty to your wedding. One example is in addition to the wedding custom where the flower girl sprinkles rose petals along the aisle, the wedding platform can be decorated with rose petals and sprinkled with rose water.

To symbolically clear the space where the wedding vows will be exchanged, small incense burners can be placed discreetly to provide a fragrant atmosphere. You can also define this sacred space by using a canopy of flowers and fabric. This is a lovely way to express the idea of love as a "shelter" for the couple being married.

In various wedding traditions there are distinct acts used to represent the culmination of the marriage that can be combined to enhance the moment. When marriage vows are spoken the couple can sign a written copy of the promises  they have made or their hands can be bound together with a silken cord.

The exchange of the wedding rings can be enhanced by the official blessing the hands before the rings are given.

The ring itself can hold special words from you to your beloved; a laser engraved tungsten carbide wedding band is the perfect way to seal your pledge of love and make it truly special for the one who receives it.

The completion of some ceremonies are sealed with a kiss, in others the official who is conducting the ceremony also offers the couple a glass of sweet wine to share before this moment to ensure the sweetness of their life together.