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Wedding Details: Gifts for Your Bridal Party

In the hustle and bustle of organizing a wedding, a lot of attention is focused on the big picture; the venue for the event, the guest list, the invitations, the wedding rings and of course, the wedding attire. But regardless of whether you are having a small or large wedding, you will benefit by choosing the members of your bridal party carefully.

Once you have made your choice and they accept, be sure that you remember to acknowledge the people who assist you throughout the planning process and on your special day with a gift that will show your appreciation for their friendship and support.

Party gifts are just one of the fine details of wedding planning that defines a truly memorable event from one that is just "nice." As the wedding planning moves forward there will be times when you will turn to your attendants for support or their opinion in making a decision; they will help make special events like bridal teas or showers, the gents night out or rehearsal dinner a reality. And at the reception,  it's the job of the party to assist guests so that you and your partner can fully enjoy your celebration. So it makes sense to take the same amount of care in choosing gifts for your attendants as with your wedding favors for the invited guests. And make them extra special -- personal in a way that will show how much you care.

Many times family members are chosen for key roles such as maid/matron of honor or best man. Unfortunately, the closeness of relationships sometimes leads to thoughts of obligation which leads to oversight when it comes to these tokens of appreciation.  On the contrary, when your brother(s) or sister(s) are members of the wedding party, this gives you the advantage in making their gifts unique. For example, engraving a statement that they made about getting married or a phrase that is special to the two of you can endear the gift to them forever.

While it's easy to choose one gift for everyone, it's so much more appreciated when the gifts are chosen for each individual. Gifts that can be used in daily life are wonderful ways to keep the memory of your wedding day alive in the hearts of your attendants. A locket for the woman who holds your wedding bouquet and a monogrammed wallet for the man who safeguards the wedding rings are two suggestions of gifts that fit the bill. Initial or name pendants and engraved bracelets are also excellent choices for bridal party gifts that can be worn every day.