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Unique Ways to Carry Wedding Flowers

Flowers and weddings are virtually inseparable for their long history of association with the language of love. Folklore attributes a meaning to each flower and many brides-to-be use this as a guide for choosing the flowers they will carry in their wedding bouquet, as well as the flowers for the groom, the attendants, the decorations for the ceremony and reception.

While the groom and his gents have their flowers neatly pinned to their lapels, the bride and her ladies-in-waiting carry their bouquets in hand. That being the case, over time unique ways to carry bouquets as well as arrange them for beauty have evolved to not only provide an elegant display but also allow them to use their hands for other things if necessary.

One age-old way of carrying a bouquet evolved from the pomander which was made of fresh flowers, perfumes and sometimes fruits and herbs in the shape of a ball and hung by a ribbon in rooms to keep the air fresh. Today you will see many pomanders (also called "wedding balls" or "kissing balls") hung on the pews at the church, on holder stands, on door knobs, hung from the ceiling or on the chairs at the wedding reception.

Being able to slip the ribbon over the wrist is the perfect solution when the flower girls is very young and would have difficulty holding the stems of a bouquet. However, it is the convenience of having the use of hands that made brides and their attendants also take a fancy to this elegant way to hold flowers. Instead of the bride having the maid/matron of honor to hold her bouquet when it's time to receive her wedding ring, the bouquet floats gently from her wrist.

On the other hand, there are many bouquets that a bride may not want to put aside, such as the red rose wedding bouquet fan shown in the photograph. With red roses known not only as the flower that symbolizes passionate love, but also for its fragrance that is said to uplift the heart, this is one bouquet that many brides may not be willing to toss!