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Titanium and Diamonds: an Eternal Match for True Love

Whether you have been planning to become engaged for a while or you have just decided the time is right, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what type of engagement and wedding rings you want to wear.  Precious metals and gemstones are wonderful symbols to represent everlasting love, and today, your choices to represent your future together are even greater than for couples who wed in the past. Now with the crafting of the aerospace quality grade metal titanium, couples can select rings that suit their lifestyle and their budget without sacrificing style or beauty.

Titanium's luster rivals that of platinum, long considered at the top of the price point in precious metals and coveted as a symbol of quality. However titanium is far more durable, even though its price is much less than platinum. The fact that this metal is super-lightweight and resistant to almost any type of damage, makes this the optimum choice for couples who want to wear their rings during all types of activities.

Yet beauty and style are the key points that can be the deciding factor when choosing an engagement ring or wedding band and in this area as well titanium does not disappoint the most selective buyer. Today there are literally hundreds of styles that replicate those found in settings of gold, silver and platinum with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Of course if a specific design is what you are looking for, there are many jewelers who can custom design your rings. This can include your choice of a particular gemstone that may not be currently offered in a titanium setting such as pearls or topaz. Many couples also want a special message engraved inside of their ring, and this is easily achieved with laser engraving.  A titanium diamond ring brings together some of the most traditional and modern concepts about love and romance. From the view that diamonds are treasured for their beauty to the ease of maintenance and durability that titanium provides, this combination is a wonderful way to say "I love you."  As love is eternal, this style of ring makes a beautiful statement of lifetime commitment to a special person.

Few decisions in life are as important as the rings you choose for your marriage. Selecting a titanium diamond ring will reward you with an elegant reminder of your love for every day that you wear it.