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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift

Your friends are getting married and you have been invited to watch them exchange wedding rings. Now one of the first questions you might have is what gift should you get the lucky couple and second, how much you should spend.

Today when a couple is planning to marry, they will let their guests know which bridal registry they are using and in some cases, couples use more than one to accommodate different budgets.

It’s best to buy from their registry for several reasons, but most importantly you will be sure that whatever you purchase will be something that the couple truly wants. And buying from a bridal registry today in the digital age is more convenient than ever, with many stores offering bridal registry websites so that you can make your gift purchase online.

Although gifts for entertaining, bed and bath remain top of the list favorites, make sure that your wedding gift is on the deluxe side to accent the occasion. If you thinking about a gift for their bedroom, a set of high-count,  hotel quality towels with their monogram, a pair of super-fluff pillows or a ultra-thick down blanket could be just the ticket.

In terms of how much to spend, your relationship with the couple is your guideline. If the wedding gift is for a co-worker or distant relative, generally $50-75 is a good baseline regardless of the style of wedding. it’s not good form to spend less because it’s a casual affair. For a close friend or relative, $100 is an appropriate amount of money to spend.

If the couple has big-ticket items on their wish list, that’s out of the price range for one person to purchase on their own you might want to consider joining with other invitees and purchase a group gift. This is an ideal way to give the couple an extra special item that they really want.

Whether you purchase the wedding gift on your own or as part of a group, if you cannot make the purchase before the wedding, make sure that you do so within two months of the special day. It’s much better to have your gift shipped directly to the couple rather than bring it to the wedding.