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Tie the Knot in a Green Wedding

There are several popular wedding trends that have stood the test of time, but one that is fairly new is beginning to join their ranks: the "green" wedding.

Today it's not just a color theme; now it represents the way more couples are choosing their wedding day products and services from ecologically conscious manufacturers and vendors. Along with these changes is their shift in perspective to simpler themes in the marriage ceremony and reception.

But before you take the leap onto the eco-wedding bandwagon, you should know that even though this trend is becoming more common, manufacturers on a whole have been slow to keep apace and those who have are charging very competitive rates for their goods. This means that going "green" does not always result in saving money; in fact organically sourced items may cost you more than their mass-produced counterparts.

Starting with the mainstream items that are most readily available such as invitations and favors, you will be able to find several vendors with extensive collections made from recycled paper and alternative materials such as hemp and bamboo.

When it is comes to decorating your locations where the marriage ceremony and reception will take place you have several options. For example, using groups of small potted flowering plants in decorative containers instead of cut flowers as a centerpiece can serve double duty as wedding favors. Using items sourced from both of your families such as photographs and mementos can be used to create unique centerpieces that lend character to your celebration as well.

Depending on the theme you choose, having your wedding and reception outdoors is another way to allow nature to surround you and your guests with beauty plus help you to keep decorating costs to a minimum. Sea blue and crisp white cloth for the canopy and seating arrangements accent a beach wedding wonderfully while soft greens and sun-kissed yellow add the perfect touch to a garden wedding.

Having a green wedding is a great way to show respect for the future, however it takes a bit more imagination and resourcefulness to substitute many of the things that have become standard in weddings. Fortunately the use of alternative metals such as titanium or tungsten carbide have become well-established, making it easy to choose a beautiful set of wedding rings at an affordable price that conserve our natural resources.