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Three Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Celebrating the day you marry your partner ideally is seen as one of joy, excitement and lifelong memories, not just for the newlyweds but for the invited guest be they family members or close friends. While this day will be easily remembered by the couple who exchange wedding rings, for the guests it is the wedding favor that helps embed the memory of your special day  in their minds.

The whole idea behind the wedding favor is to give your guests a token of appreciation for attending, and the choices are endless restricted only by your imagination and your budget. Depending on the number of guests, as well as the theme of the wedding, here are a few choices that present a bit of a twist on the conventional art of the wedding favor.

  1. Many couples spend hundreds of dollars on the floral centerpieces for their reception tables. While these are beautiful indeed, why not instead have your florist create a boutonniere for male guests or a miniature corsage for female guests that combines the Mediterranean tradition of giving candy coated almonds (Jordan Almonds) wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon printed with your names and wedding date.  Your guests will feel honored and this keepsake is easily preserved.
  2. Weddings are going green and many couples are giving flower seed packets embossed with their names and wedding date to their guests as keepsakes. But many guests may not have green thumbs and the seeds may go unplanted. To boost their gardening confidence, take this idea one step further:  give your guests seedlings or miniature flowers that have already sprouted wrapped in foil printed with your names and wedding date.
  3. Another popular wedding reception favor is the presenting each guest with a disposable camera that allows them to take pictures on their own of the festivities. Although many guests enjoy this activity, the problem is that they must wait until after the wedding to see the results. One way to give your guests instant gratification is to hire a photographer who is adept with this Polaroid® style camera to rove through the reception and take photos of the guests upon request. Have photo frames printed with your names and wedding dates to house their pictures; this is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

When you begin to select the token of appreciation for your guests, remember to connect the colors to your overall wedding theme so that the presentation table for the wedding favors blends in nicely with the other decorations.