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The Promises of Your Marriage: Extraordinary Wedding Vows

When an engagement ring is accepted with happiness, the promise to marry encircles the heart and inspires some of our deepest emotions. The words "I love you" can fill you with joy, but during the marriage ceremony, it is the wedding vows that bring the full definition of this phrase to light.

Choosing the right words can be challenging: love may be the most complex emotion to describe. Fortunately, there are thousands of vows that have managed to convey the feelings kept within the heart-of-hearts that you can use for inspiration. 

The beauty and meaning of wedding ceremonies resonate with us because they are filled with expressed sentiments and traditions that make us who we are. All of the words said during the marriage ceremony prepare a couple for the moment when the vows and rings are exchanged to bind them together.

When a couple exchange wedding vows, particularly when they are written with the words that have special meaning to them, it can open the door to deeper understanding of each other.

If you and your beloved decide to write your own promises of marriage, keep in mind that they become extraordinary when they speak to who you are individually and what you hope your lives together will hold. In the exchange of the vows, the two of you can express the way love makes you feel to each other and the reasons for your commitment.

Love and marriage have be compared to a windswept, breathless leap into a passionate adventure of life, or the catalyst for the fulfillment of your dreams. Couples who want their marriage to endure will realize it takes a combination of passion and practicality to make this happen.

The phrase "in sickness and in health" is evidence that when the traditional vows were written, it was understood that even when love is at its fullest, difficult times will come to test it. 

The ring that seals this bond of love is often chosen for its quality of strength as well as its beauty. The tungsten carbide wedding ring band can truly be a physical reminder of your promise of "forever" for this metal is virtually indestructible: a most fitting and beautiful way to reinforce your extraordinary wedding vows.