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The Most Overlooked Aspect of Purchasing Wedding Rings

When couples decide to marry, one of the most exciting activities in planning a wedding is selecting the wedding rings they will exchange on their special day.  However many couples don't take the next step after they make their purchase; to arrange for a jewelry insurance policy to protect their investment.

Many couples are surprised to discover that their jewelry may not be covered by every home owners insurance policy.  This may be especially true where couples rent an apartment instead of owning their own home.  When it comes to your wedding jewelry and for that matter, all of your jewelry, a separate insurance policy can provide better protection than homeowners or renters insurance.

Jewelry insurance will protect your rings from theft, damage and loss; this  is an important decision that should be made as soon as you purchase your rings.  Your jeweler should be able to recommend an insurance company and provide the required appraisal to include with your application. A few minutes spent on completing the paperwork for this insurance policy now can save you hours of regret and heartbreak if your rings are ever damaged, lost or stolen.

In addition to insuring your jewelry against loss and damage, these companies can often repair or replace your jewelry with the same design and quality.  Jewelry insurance companies differ from regular insurance companies because of periodic inspections that incorporate the fact that jewelry value increases over time.  These regular inspections give you the opportunity to have your ring cleaned to keep it and all of your jewelry looking as beautiful as the first day that you wore it.

The cost of a jewelry insurance premium is based on the retail cost to replace it.  Most jewelry insurance companies offer payment plans and accept credit cards. While not every piece of jewelry will be as expensive as your engagement or wedding band, most jewelry insurers will allow you to to all of your jewelry on one policy. In that case of replacing lost jewelry, a specialized jewelry insurer will allow you to work with the jeweler of your choice.

There are many things you will have to do to organize your wedding day that may leave you feeling frazzled, but you can eliminate one reason for anxiety knowing that you have a jewelry insurance policy to protect your beautiful and valuable symbols of your marriage.