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The Delectable Groom's Cake: Celebrating His Special Style

For certain one of the most enjoyable aspects of attending a marriage celebration are the delicious foods and sweets presented at the wedding reception or dinner.

No matter how scrumptious the entrees may be, truth be told it's the wedding cake that is the main attraction. When people speak of the wedding cake, they refer to the traditional "bride's cake."

The design artistry involved in the production of these cakes often rival a magnificent sculpture. Melt-in-your mouth cake recipes are topped with colorful sugar flowers, embellishments of gold and silver along with wedding rings, hearts and wedding bells are just some of the bride's cake spectacular decorations.

However, there is another type of confectionery delight called the "groom's cake" which was a standard at weddings and is enjoying renewed popularity. Most outstanding is the design theme, which celebrates all things near and dear to men: it  usually reflects the more personal side of the groom. Popular themes include race cars, football, guitars, billiards, computer games, drums and woodworking. Tuxedos, alligators, cowboy hats, dice, playing cards and even prince frogs have been used for the design of this delicious treat.

These specialty cakes are a heady tastebud indulgence; made of very rich ingredients. The flavors of chocolate or  tropical-style fruit cake,  usually enhanced with rum or brandy are steadfast favorites. A groom's cake is whimsically decorated and served to wedding guests to take home with them as souvenirs of the wedding. Newlyweds often save a piece of both cakes to share on their first anniversary.

A groom's cake on display at a special table is the perfect way to acknowledge all of the special qualities about the man of the hour. Some couples feature the groom's cake as the main attraction of the wedding rehearsal dinner. This is the perfect time for the men in the wedding party to bolster the groom's confidence for his big day.

Although the groom's cake is usually smaller in size than the bride's cake, they have a lot of folklore associated with them. Legend tells that single women who sleep with a tiny box of groom's cake under their pillow will dream of their future husband! It no wonder, for this cake is so rich and tempting, people usually ask for more so make sure that you have the baker add a few extra servings just in case.