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Suit Your Wedding Theme to Your Personalities

After you announce your engagement, you are going to be asked: "When do you plan to marry?"  very often. The question that most couples aren't always prepared for is: "What's your wedding theme?"

This causes many couples to wonder what to do  and of course, how much it will cost. There are many sources of information about how to create them and what you need to make them authentic, but  the real challenge is to choose a theme that's best suited to you and your partner's personality.

Wedding themes can be based on any concept from color coordinates to the Wild, Wild West. However if both people are not comfortable with the theme it will be impossible to truly enjoy the activities that par for the course.  For most couples,  the song: "I Only Have Eyes for You" says it all; the traditional wedding activities and the mad dash from the reception to their honeymoon is the best theme they could have.

But if you want something different, for example if you have wondered what weddings were like in the past,  recreating a specific period in time as the theme of the day you exchange wedding rings  would be ideal.

Use your imagination to create a wonderful event that will linger in the minds of your wedding guests. Sourcing the items you need to recreate the look and feel of another point in history is much easier than you might think; there are many posters, object d'arte and textiles in vintage markets.

However, more than anything else your personalities will define your wedding day; focus your attention on what will bring the joy and excitement to all of the wedding activities to make it memorable for every one.

Whether you subscribe to the philosophy of "bigger is better" or "less is more" you still need to use finesse when it comes to this very special event. Taking your guest list under review is another important consideration, particularly if you want them to participate in the activities. Because of different ages and sensitivities your families and friends may not be excited about having the bronco ride at your Western style wedding reception.

Keep in mind that it may be your wedding day, but you are the host and your guest's comfort is most important.  True love and romance lead the way to marriage, but the theme that dominates your wedding leads your friends and family to a  greater understanding of who you and your partner are. Let your personalities shine through whatever theme you choose in a way that best reflects who you are.