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Step Your Grooming Up a Notch for Your Wedding Day

The statement: "clothes make the man" may carry a lot of weight, but personal grooming makes a big difference in the impression you make. The bride is not the only one who will be the center of attention on your wedding day. To be sure you look your best, turn to the professionals.

A good place to start is with your photographer. While many professionals will not tell their clients unless they ask, grooming as well as makeup plays an important role in how well your photographs portray you. Although the "tousled" look hairstyle completely disarms some women, even this "just out of bed" look can easily cross the line and look downright messy without the right cut. When it comes to candid on the scene photos or those taken in the studio, starting out with the right mix of haircut, grooming and correct fitting attire will help the camera smile kindly at you.

Men who wear facial hair such as mustaches, goatees and beards also need to be sure that extra care is given to the styling to result in a precise look on film. Mature men who want to pump up the power of their salt and pepper hair tones can make this look even more distinctive. With a little help from their barber, adding highlights to their natural color will refresh your appearance.

Keep in mind that when you give and receive your wedding rings, your hands will be in focus throughout the day. A simple scrubbing under the nails is not quite enough; get a professional manicure to make sure your cuticles are trim and your hands invite being held.

The other areas that will effect both your appearance and your comfort level are your shoes, undergarments and fragrance choice. Even if you are having an informal wedding, you may need to buy a new pair of shoes to match your suit. It's a good idea to wear these shoes to the fitting for your suit to make sure that the hem on the pants fall at the appropriate length. In addition, wear your new shoes around the house a few times before your wedding to fully adjust to their fit.

Depending on the season in which your wedding takes place, you may also need to think about other clothing items such as an overcoat (for chilly winter weddings) or having your suit made from lighter fabric to keep you cool at your beach wedding on a hot summer day.

Believe it or not, different styles of wedding clothes for men can require certain undergarments and accessories that you might not necessarily wear as a rule. It's a good idea to discuss this issue with your tailor to be sure that everything fits comfortably and provides you free range of movement.

Fragrance can definitely add to your aura, but not if it's in conflict with the flowers that will more than likely be a big part of the marriage celebration. A good rule of thumb is to choose an after shave or cologne that is made from a single essence, like sandalwood, which blends nicely with your natural body oil. Use it sparingly and it will enhance the floral notes from your boutonniere to your bride's bouquet.

The most important part of your appearance is your health: make sure that the best man schedules your bachelor party at least a week in advance. Clear your calendar for two days prior to the date, secure the wedding rings with the best man and be sure to get a good night's sleep the day before. You want to look and feel your best on this special day; being fully rested will help you manage all of the last-minute situations that undoubtedly occur on a wedding day with clear head, cool grace and polished style.