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Start Your New Life Together with a Spring Wedding

Every year brings new trends to weddings, but the seasonal theme never goes out of style. We looked at some of the focal points of Autumn and Winter weddings, in this article we are going to review the ambience of a Spring wedding.

The very first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Spring season is renewal; it's the time of freshness as flowers and trees begin to bloom. Weddings are going organic and now you can show respect for Mother Nature without sacrificing style. From wedding stationery to favors, there are exquisite invitations, save the date cards and thank you notes all made from recycled paper and organic materials such as seeds and leaves.

While floral patterns are common in wedding attire offerings, in 2011 the key words are texture and elegance as floral goes beyond print and is transformed into luxurious textures with metallic glow. The color palette of Spring 2011 has also been updated with greens ranging from deep emerald and pine to bright celadon and cheerful apple green. The pastel shades of mauve, sunlight yellow, lilac and powder pink are a bit more intense this year and set against bolder shades of violet purple, clementine orange, rustic gold, coral, brilliant red and hot pink.

Perhaps the most distinctive change in menswear is from the traditional black to deep navy blue. The navy blue craze is being helped along by its use in the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William but it's not the first time that this color has been used in weddings. On the other hand the long-time staple of flat grey has been rejuvenated with tinges of color that transform its effect from gloom to kaboom! Edgy metallic, charcoal and chocolate grey have become the IT color for 2011 weddings. Add the neutral tones of mocha and chocolate brown for a wealth of color combinations to use to make your wedding a positive fashion statement that underscores your ceremony of love and commitment.

Couples who choose to exchange wedding rings in the Spring also have some fresh new designs to choose from in traditional and modern metals. The new titanium and tungsten carbide styles feature beautiful embellishments of gold and silver work perfectly to reflect the sparkle of the freshness in nature that underscores your new start in life together.

Spring provides an abundance of beautiful foliage that works hand-in-hand with another 2011 wedding trend: outdoor weddings. Graceful and green is definitely the theme on the minds of many couples who are tying the knot using Mother Nature's glory as the backdrop for both their ceremony and reception venues. Popular venues include lakeside, botanical gardens and vineyards along with mountain valley regions that provide the minimal outdoor setting that allows couples to personalize it to their tastes. No matter which venue you choose, the Spring season provides a lot of inspiration for creating a unique theme for your wedding.