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Simple Ways to Say "I Do": City Hall Weddings

It may not be obvious from the media or the Internet websites dedicated to wedding planning, but there are hundreds of couples who prefer simplicity over sophistication when they get married. For these couples the perfect way to wed is to go to their local registrar of marriages, or in the major cities of the United States, City Hall.

A wedding at City Hall is a unique experience because on any given day there are so many couples excitedly waiting their turn to exchange wedding rings and vows. The simplicity of the ceremony places a heightened focus on the seriousness of the commitment the couple is making to each other.

There is a misconception about City Hall weddings that they are for couples who cannot afford the type of weddings that are highly advertised. But this is not the case for the most part; the couple who decides to start married life with this type of ceremony is doing so to make their own statement about love and marriage. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, getting married at City Hall speaks to the independence of the couple to make their own choice as to how they say "I do."

Part of the reasoning in making this choice is the desire to avoid stress and personality conflicts that sometimes arise when planning a wedding in a church and a reception venue. In addition, there is also the fact that the facilities for the ceremony and reception may not be available on the date the couple wants to marry. To resolve this dilemma, couples marry at City Hall and then a few months later; throw a big party to celebrate their special life event.

Then there is also the case where a couple is getting married but their families do not approve which could turn the wedding ceremony into a dramatic scene worthy of an Oscar nomination. On the other hand, for some a City Hall wedding is the epitome of tradition, dating back when marriage was more of an everyday affair than one filled with the media hoopla that marks so many weddings today.

Getting married at City Hall means you have more freedom of choice as to what you wear as well. If blue jeans and cowboy boots is your style, you will have no problem saying your vows in this attire. But to be sure there are couples who go all out and dress to the nines for their special day adding sparkle to the crowd of soon-to-be newlyweds anxiously waiting to give and receive their wedding rings.

The bottom line is that you have many options to getting married. It’s best to stay true to your character and have the ceremony that you are most comfortable with instead of being pressured into having an event that doesn’t suit you. Think about how you want to remember the day you got married as a start point to make your decision.