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Share the Love with Your Wedding Guests: The Receiving Line

No matter how much time and effort you spend planning the details of your wedding day, it will be incomplete without your family and friends. The success of your celebration not only depends on the ceremony and reception, but also the attention you show the guests you have invited to attend.

On the day of the wedding, time may appear to speed up, and this is the main reason why a receiving line holds a special place as a part of the celebration. Although a receiving line is not mandatory, this is the one way you can ensure that you personally greet and thank every guest for attending. You should allow at least five minutes to speak with each of them.

After the marriage ceremony, the receiving line begins with the parents of the bride and groom respectively, followed by the bride and groom themselves. Where the receiving line is held depends on the facility used for the ceremony; receiving lines have been held in the foyer or on the steps of the church or at the site of the wedding reception.

A receiving line is an elegant way of showing appreciation to your guests; it affords them an opportunity to greet your parents, shower congratulations on you and admire your wedding ring: which is sure to be the center of attention. Especially when it's a titanium wedding ring you will be able to confidently display it without anxiety of damage.

Limiting the number of wedding party members in the receiving line will help you to give each of your guests the proper attention. This also makes it more enjoyable for your guests who may not know everyone in the bridal party.

Some couples hold the receiving line at the site of the ceremony to have a bit of  private time together before the reception begins and to take wedding photographs. Others enjoy the exciting pace of dashing off to the reception site and holding the receiving line there. Whichever method suits you best, plan the receiving line as part of your wedding to share your love and happiness with everyone present on your special day.